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    The term "Green" could be defined as "environmentalist", but there is a lot more to it than that.  The Green movement includes green politics, green/ecological living, green businesses, and green/ecological products.  Green politics ranges from dedicated Green Party members and/or Green movement political activists worldwide to the major environmental organizations to the majority of Americans who consider themselves pro-environment.  Then there is the left-green political movement, the deep ecology spiritual/political movement, and the environmental justice movement.
     When I use the term Green I am referring to a holistic 1960's-style worldview that includes ecology, peace, feminism, social justice, the human potential movement, the counterculture, etc.
     For info about socially responsible businesses building a Green economy in America, see Co-op America.

     For more info about the U.S. Green political movement, see The Greens/Green Party U.S.A. and The Green Parties of North AmericaRalph Nader was the Green Party candidate for President in 2000.  (Note: My personal position was and is "Think and live Green, vote Democratic to defeat the Republicans.")  Here is one version of the 10 key values of the U.S. Green Movement:
     1.    Ecological Wisdom
     2.    Social Justice
     3.    Grassroots Democracy
     4.    Nonviolence
     5.    Decentralization
     6.    Community-Based Economics
     7.    Feminism
     8.    Respect for Diversity
     9.    Personal and Global Responsibility
     10.  Future Focus/Sustainability.

     For information about Green websites, check out the links in the rest of this website.  To see what books the Green movement and have to offer you to help you empower yourself, check out

Info on

     Welcome to the website!  The goal of is to provide the information- especially the books and the Internet links- to allow people to empower themselves, take charge of their own lives, and collectively take charge of society. is openly Green in philosophy and seeks to blend the personal, cultural, political, and ecological aspects of the Green movement.
     In and I attempt to combine the best info from the personal growth and self-help movements, voluntary simplicity, holistic health, natural living, vegetarianism, alternative medicine, the counterculture, the co-operative and communal movements, the Green movement, the left, eco-feminism, and a focus on building a peaceful, humane, co-operative ecologically sustainable society into one overall strategy, vision, website and online bookstore.  I also include a book proposal in this website, but at the moment this is a lower priority for me than expanding and

     To find out more about how can help you promote a Green cause or organization or website on the Internet, click here.  To find out how you can help, click here. (and and can be contacted at:     

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