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Good Promotional & Networking Opportunities 

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    Here's what I offer so far:
    1.  I offer affiliate programs for -- Books for Personal Growth, Social Change, and Ecology and -- Empowering the Consumer.
    2.  I will consider adding links to your favorite websites.  (Please e-mail me at with your suggestions.)
    3.  I trade links.  I will probably list your website in the list of Websites that Link to websites if you link to,, and/or  You can e-mail me at to let me know that you're linking to one or both websites.
    4.  You can place an inexpensive ad on the website.  Ads are currently on sale for $5 CPM ($5 per 1,000 banner displays) or 1/2 cent per ad display for 468x60 banner ads.  Please call me at 301-779-9769 or e-mail me at for more info.
     5.  You can get yourself or your group listed (with an optional approved message) for a minimal donation ($20/person or $40/group).  I also offer
fundraising gifts for donations of $60 or more.
     6.  I can bring your Green social change group, non-profit organization, or business online in a text-only website for a very reasonable price, including indexing in Alta Vista and the other main Internet search engines.
    7.  I welcome suggestions for more books to sell at  If you can afford to send me a copy of the book you want me to sell (you can order a copy from, for example), I would greatly appreciate it, and it would make my selling it more likely.  (If not, please suggest the book(s) anyway.)
     8.  I'm also open to considering promoting specific leaflets, info, or events, although I make no promises here.  I'm especially interested in consciousness-raising info.  If you want me to link to or post some info, please e-mail me at with the URL you want me to link to or the data you want me to post.
     You can contact at:

               Empowerment Resources
               P.O. Box 3190
               Silver Spring, MD  20918

     While I greatly appreciate your suggestions, I also want to let you know that I can't guarantee a reply to all phone calls, faxes or e-mail.

If you want to get yourself or your group listed under a donors section, please make a donation to Empowerment Resources for at least the minimum donation amount required to get a listing ($20/person or $40/group) and include a note with the check.  To recognize larger contributions, I will define people or groups as donors, supporters, major supporters, sponsors, or major sponsors depending upon how much they donate.  Listings are good for at least one year and you can list or unlist your name at any time within the year.
     Your listing in the Empowerment Resources donors section can be in whatever reasonable format that you want to be listed in (but must be approved by Empowerment Resources).  Your entry can include your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, a link to your home page or website, and/or a brief (approved) description or message.
     In the event of any major problems, such as complaints that a donor's listed website and/or its links doesn't reflect our values, I reserve the right to remove a link and/or unlist the donor without a refund.  I need to have this policy, which I hope to only use infrequently, in order to simultaneously ensure quality control and continued funding.

     I also offer fundraising thank-you gifts for donations of $60 or more.  (I'm following the lead of PBS and NPR here.)  If you donate $60 and live in the United States (or $90 if you live elsewhere), I will cheerfully and very thankfully send you a thank-you gift from  You can select any book, CD, movie, or magazine that costs $25 or less (not including shipping).  For every additional $60 (or $90) you donate, I will cheerfully and very thankfully send you an additional thank-you gift from the (as long as the cost of all of the thank-you gifts averages out to $25/gift or less).
     If you decide to be very generous and donate $600 or more and live in the United States (or $900 if you live elsewhere), I will cheerfully and very thankfully send you any and all of The Best Empowerment Books that you request (excluding any book I can't order from  This gift is worth over $350 (plus shipping costs) and (if you can afford the very generous donation) is a great way to start your own empowerment resources library.  Please review the list of The Best Empowerment Books and let me know which books you want.
     If you donate $60 or more, you can also choose to be listed as a donor.
     Donations are greatly appreciated but not tax-deductible.


     In my website, I provide info on website hosting services and building and promoting your own website.  If you want me to build a basic inexpensive website for your nonprofit group (or even a small business), please e-mail me at  In addition to building a website using Microsoft FrontPage 2000, I can also assist you in selecting a good website host (probably Geocities for free or IGC's special deal for nonprofits), registering a domain name (the "www.<your name here>" label) if you want to purchase a domain name, and indexing on Alta Vista and other major Internet search engines.

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