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The Best Resources
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Resources for Building An Ecologically Sustainable Society
Ecology Resources

Note:  There are many more resources for building an ecologically sustainable society than are listed here.

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The Best Resources
     The best ecology resource books are:
State of the World 2000, by Lester Brown and the Worldwatch Institute.  This highly influential book is read by policy makers and millions of readers and is published annually in 30 languages around the world.  Click here for a detailed description.  Also, here are summaries of the ecological state of the world for 1996, 1997, 1998, and 1999.  You can also buy State of the World 1997, State of the World 1998, and State of the World 1999: The Millennium Edition.   Reviewed by
Gaia: An Atlas of Planet Management, edited by Dr. Norman Myers.
The Green Reader: Essays Toward a Sustainable Society, by Andrew Dobson.
The Sierra Club Green Guide: Everybody's Desk Reference to Environmental Information, by Andrew J. Feldman.  Out of Print.
     Three inspirational utopian/ecotopian novels are:
Ecotopia, by Ernest Callenbach., by Ernest Callenbach
Ecotopia Emerging, by Ernest Callenbach, and
Island, by Aldous Huxley.
     More good eco-fiction:
Ishmael, by Daniel Quinn.
Earthfuture: Stories from a Sustainable World, by Guy Dauncey.  Click here for a description. 
     A good manual for an individual who is willing to spend money to utilize our existing appropriate or environmentally sustainable technology, including solar power, is
The Real Goods Solar Living Sourcebook: The Complete Guide to Renewable Energy Technologies and Sustainable Living (10th Ed).


Green Goods from

Real Goods Trading Company

Co-op America

The World Game Institute.  Up-to-date statistics about managing Spaceship Earth.  Buckminster Fuller first envisioned the "world peace game" in the 1960s.
[New 11-11-00]
Who Lives in the "Global Village?"
Gaia Hypothesis

Eco Expo.  Nov. 18-20, 1997, at the Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. 
I attended this expo and found a lot of interesting and inspiring resources, including biodegradable plastic (not yet commercially available), biodegradable styrofoam, tree-free kenaf paper (but not hemp paper), sustainably harvested wood products, various products made from recycled materials or agricultural or industrial waste products, nontoxic cleaning supplies, and lots of info.  I also read an article by Jim Hightower at Working Assets' website that mentioned that Toyota has a new combination gas and electric-powered car that gets 66 mpg and produces less pollution, but will initially only be available in Japan.
US EPA Energy Star Programs and Products.
Greenseal is part of the Global Eco-labeling Network.

The Natural Life Online Directory
Renewable Energy and Sustainable Energy Systems in Canada
Alternative Technology Association.  Based in Australia.
Sustainable Building Sourcebook

INFORM is a American non-profit organization that identifies practical ways of living and doing business that are environmentally sustainable.
Earth Day.
ZPG - Zero Population Growth.
NPG - Negative Population Growth.
Planned Parenthood
Worldwatch Institute.  Led by Lester Brown.  They publish many informative environmental reports, including the State of the World 2000: A Worldwatch Institute Report on Progress Towards a Sustainable Society.
World Resources Institute.
Center for a New American Dream.
Ecology Resources from Political Empowerment Resources.

Planned Parenthood Links
Noah's Ark Organic Farmer.  Lots of organic farming links with descriptions.
Organic Gardening Catalogs and Books (from

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