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Consciousness-Raising Information
The U.S. Economic Power Structure
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HUGE selection -- Over 3 million books, 200,000 CDs, 100,000 movies and more to choose from.

Consciousness-Raising Information

"You must become the change you wish to see in the world." - Gandhi. offers over 500 recommended empowerment resource books for sale and over 80 links on over 24 topics related to personal growth, social change and ecology.  It also offers over 3 million books, 400,000 CDs, 100,000 movies, 65,000 audio books, and over 850 magazines to choose from.  Many of these these items are sold at a discount.
The Golden Rule as described by 11 different religions.  You can print it out as a free mini-poster.
The World Game Institute.  Up-to-date statistics about managing Spaceship Earth.  Buckminster Fuller first envisioned the "world peace game" in the 1960s.
[New 11-11-00]
Who Lives in the "Global Village?"  An informative 2-page document.
Realities 1989.  EarthSave's 1989 documentation of the many benefits of vegetarianism.
Children Learn What They Live (short version or long version).  You can print out either version as a free mini-poster.
Gaia Hypothesis
Earth Friendly Living.  Information on voluntary simplicity.
Affluenza.  Information on the harmful effects of overconsumption.
All-Consuming Passion: Waking up from the American Dream.  Created by the New Road Map Foundation.
A recent 4/16/97 Washington Post article talks about how suppression of research studies for corporate profit and/or research competition slows the spread of knowledge and can cost consumers millions.  (Note: I'm still trying to get funding for this website's sharing of information, and I welcome your suggestions and/or donations.) [Post archive search.]
Woody Guthrie Quote.  You can print it out as a free mini-poster.
Frederick Douglas Quote
500 years.  A ballad explaining the last 500 years of conquest and how we need to shift from being conquerors to sustainers.
Hoping.  An ecology heartsong.
Dreaming.  A fun song about one hippie-leftist's dreams.
India's New Gandhi as covered on 3/6/97 by The Washington Post.  [Post archive search.]
Motherheart is a resource that encourages nurturing in all aspects of life.  Topics include Community, Real Life, Spirituality, Birth, Children and Parenting, Care Giving, Health and Wholeness, Caring for Gaia, and Directories.
Northern Sun Merchandising.  Best collection of left-wing T-shirts.
Northland Poster Collective.  Labor movement catalog.
Syracuse Cultural Workers.   Tools for change.
Peace Resource Project.  Green buttons and bumperstickers, etc.
Donnelly/Colt.  Progressive buttons and bumperstickers.

Ferne Sales Company- buttons and bumperstickers.  Wholesale only.  Send SASE for catalog.
P.O. Box 113 T.C.B.
West Orange, NJ  07052

You can purchase Seeds of Peace: A Catalog of Quotations, compiled by Jeanne Larson and Madge Micheels-Cyrus from the Peace section of  This  book contains many peace and social justice quotes.

     The Emerging Culture by Paul Ray explains that there are 44 million Americans with Green values (24% of the American adult population).  There are also 56 million Traditionalists or Heartlanders (29% of the American adult population) and 88 million Modernists (47% of the American adult population).  Only Paul Ray label Greens "Cultural Creatives" and claims that 20 million Greens (11% of the American adult population, 2/3 female, labeled "Core Cultural Creatives" by Paul Ray) are into personal growth as well as social change and ecology, while another 24 million Greens (13% of the adult population, labeled "Greens" by Paul Ray) are primarily concerned with environmental and social issues.  You can also read "Cultural Creatives" offer Ideas and Hope by Mac Lawrence.

5/11/97 - "The Budget Agreement, a BIG STEP BACKWARDS".  Shades of Awful, by Mary McGrory, from The Washington Post, Sunday, 5/11/97; Page C1.  The Republicans and Clinton agreed to a budget that cuts our safety net for the poor even more while providing tax cuts for the wealthy and funding the Pentagon at Cold War levels.  Why is congress balancing the budget on the backs of the poor?  [Post archive search.]
ACLU Bustcard.  What you can do if you're stopped by the police.
As Long as We're Renaming Things", by Richard Cohen in The Washington Post, 12/16/97, page A27. He advocates renaming the J. Edgar Hoover Building because "under Hoover the bureau engaged in widespread violations of civil liberties and was a racist outfit more concerned with persecuting civil rights activists than prosecuting organized crime figures" and because "Hoover often collected information for the purpose of blackmail".  He lists some of Hoover's crimes and wrongdoings, including wiretapping and persecuting Martin Luther King, Jr.  [Post archive search.]

The U.S. Economic Power Structure
The New Global Media and the Global Media Moguls, as reported by The Nation.

     The Forbes Magazine Digital Toolbox documents the accumulation of wealth by multinational corporations and the rich.  Their charts include:
Forbes 400 Richest People in America (in 1996, 1997, and 1998). 
For example, they calculate the net worth of Bill Gates at $18.5 billion in 1996,  $39.8 billion in 1997, and $58.4 billion in 1998.  They offered the following perspective in 1997: When billionaires become a dime a dozen.  The 1998 figures are from the Oct. 12, 1998 issue of Forbes magazine. 
The World's 200 Richest People (in 1996, 1997, and 1998). 
(You can contrast this with the world's 1 billion poorest people.)
Top CEOs: Corporate America's Most Powerful People (in 1997 and 1998). 
According to, "The 25 bosses listed pulled in $2.5 billion among them over the past five years.   Are they worth it?"  (Forbes apparently thinks they are, while the AFL-CIO disagrees.)
The Forbes 500s Annual Directory of America's Leading Companies.
The 500 Largest Private Companies in the US
The Forbes Top 40 Entertainers
The Forbes Top 40 Athletes

The Fortune 500, as documented by Fortune Magazine.

America's Most Admired Companies.
The 100 Best Companies to Work For.

     The 1997 Mother Jones 400 and the 1998 Mother Jones 400 lists the top 400 millionaires who donated large amount of money to U.S. politicians.  These lists are from the June 1997 and the Nov./Dec. 1998 issues of Mother Jones.
     Executive Paywatch from the AFL-CIO.
Gates Crasher: I Infiltrated (The Other) Washington", talks about Bill Gates' "technology summit" with 100 CEOs and his economic and information power base, and compares and contrasts his Washington State power base with Washington D.C.'s political power base. - From The Washington Post, 5/18/97, page C1.  [Post archive search.]
    United for a Fair Economy documents our growing economic inequality.
.Taxing the rich is one solution.  Another solution is to empower the poor.

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