Is a Hi-Tech COINTELPRO 2005-2006 Back?
EmpowermentResourc survives a 5/30/05-1/1/06 FBI Electronic Siege
FBI COINTELPRO/SID agent threatens to hire a hitman to kill this webmaster.

FBI COINTELPRO [SID] agent admits hiring and paying hitman responsible for 5/24/03 2003 Takoma Park, MD murder, and openly tries to hire new hitman on 7/25/05 to kill this webmaster.
Ed Harding's Possible Emergency Need--Temporary Safe Crash Sleeping Space
6/16/-05-6/25/05 Emergency FBI Electronic Siege News

Detailed Report--Is a Hi-Tech COINTELPRO 2005-2006 Back?

  FBI SID Threat Level reduced to CODE ORANGE at 8:50am 1/4/06.  
     A 4 day FBI SID code red alert at least temporarily ended today at approx. 8:50am when an FBI SID sleep deprivation electronic warfare pulsebeam attack ended and Ed was able to get an estimated 1:40 of extra sleep.  The FBI SID threat level is now reduced to CODE ORANGE.
     Here is a chart with the amount of sleep FBI SID victim Ed Harding was permitted by his round-the-clock FBI SID electronic warfare attackers to get every day.  Ed's sleep was routinely limited by an electronic FBI SID sleep deprivation attack almost every morning.
Day 1/4/06 1/3/06 1/2/06 1/1/06 12/31/05 12/30/05 12/29/05 12/28/05 12/27/05 12/26/05 12/25/05 12/24/05 12/23/05 12/22/05
FBI SID Threat Level Code Orange Code Red Code Red Code Red Code Red Orange Alert Code Orange Red ->  Code Red Code Orange Code Orange Code Orange Code Orange Code Orange
Sleep 7:30 4:30 5:40 4:40 5:40 5:15 6:10 8:12 3:45 6:10 6:15 6:10 7:10 6:45
Sleep log data p745 p739 p731 p728 p723 p713 p707 p701p p695 p689 p685 p682 p679 p677
Sleep Notes night night night severely disrupted  sleep + nap night (disrupted once) sleep + am nap sleep 1:45 at night + 2hr. am nap night night night night 2:30 in and out of sleep
     Sleep deprivation attacks after Ed wakes up are the FBI SID norm.  Almost every morning, Ed tries to get a full night's sleep, usually after being woken up at the end of an FBI SID electronically invaded dream, and is hit with a pulse-beam sleep deprivation attack instead of a sleep-causing electronic beam CNS (central nervous system) disruption attack.  (For some reason, the FBI SID likes to prevent electronic warfare victims from fully sleeping at night and prevent them from being fully awake and/or undisturbed and focused during the day.)


4:14am 12/31/05--8:50am 1/4/06: FBI SID Threat Level: CODE RED: Webmaster is coping with around the clock FBI SID sleep deprivation attacks and FBI SID electronic psychological warfare.  Sleep is very limited.  The 12/31/05-1/1/06 logfile is now posted.

     After days of FBI SID electronic warfare sleep deprivation attacks, limited sleep, and one prior 3:35am 1/27/05--5:50am 12/28/05 code red alert, FBI SID hi-tech persecution of webmaster Ed Harding escalated on New Year's Eve into full-scale around-the-clock sleep deprivation attacks, very abusive FBI SID fake media broadcasts playing in EJ's room, FBI SID death threats and warnings, electronically invaded dreams, routine FBI SID computer sabotage done by Ditsy, a stolen delivery note and a stolen delivery threat, a very brief electronically simulated rape, threatened FBI SID trumped up arrest charges and threatened FBI SID perjury, and a warning that if I cause trouble I will die.  (At least one FBI SID fake media team's death warning used very specific offensive FBI SID cult terminology for one more FBI SID's victim's death.)
     The attack started out with strong abuse from Jay Pendelton and his team, and then an FBI SID fake media team joined in with so much outrageously inaccurate and abusive terminology that I didn't even know where to start logging them.  (Most outrageous quote: "...Nazi power!", said at 6:33pm 12/31/05 by one FBI SID fake media team.)  After the FBI SID fake media team quit broadcasting at 3:19am 1/1/06, Jay Pendelton (allegedly FBI SID badge 604)  kept his I want-to-sleep team awake in a tired electronic warfare slugfest that used pulsebeaming whenever Ed tried to sleep, except for snippets of sleep allowed here and there (usually just long enough for the FBI to invade Ed's first dream and wake him up).  The FBI SID fake media team resumed their broadcast at 12:11pm 1/1/06, and surprisingly shut down at 12:24pm 1/1/06.
     Here's how the FBI SID's escalated electronic psychological warfare attack started on New Year's Eve. 
Ed woke up furious for the second time in 8 months after only 2 hours sleep after a sleep deprived FBI SID Agent alias "Ditsy", after 2 1/2 years in the FBI SID and months of hearing her FBI SID boss Jay Pendelton say "suck it down", accurately announced that she told Ed in his FBI SID electronically invaded dream to "give yourself head".  (Ed has refrained from any sex for a while due to the FBI SID's failure to provide any privacy, even for private biological functions.  Jay, B2, and Ditsy like to broadcast insults over the area's de facto FBI PA broadcasting system should Ed ever jack off.)  Jay made death threats at 4:30am and 4:50am, and then "retracted" them at 4:53am.  At 5:08am FBI SID agent alias "B2" claimed "Jay issues death threats all the time.  He's allowed to!"  At 5:10am Ed called Jay's numerous May-Dec. 2005 death threats illegal but also acknowledged that it is currently very difficult or impossible to arrest Jay for this repeated crime.
     Here is Ed's 12/31-05--1/1/05 self-defense logfile documentation


4:14am 12/31/05: FBI SID Threat Level: CODE ORANGE: FBI SID Sleep deprivation attack after only 5:15 of sleep.

     Ed woke up furious for the first time in 8 months after 2 sleep deprivation attacks, the first one lasting approx. 50 min., after an evening of computer sabotage, music sabotage, and some outrageous FBI SID threats and comments.

  Ed gets only 5:10 of sleep (12:10am-5:20am), but is then granted an extra 1 hour nap free of sleep deprivation attacks by FBI SID electronic warfare torturers.


3:35am 12/27/05--5:50am 12/28/05  FBI SID Threat Level: CODE RED.  FBI SID agent and hi-tech electronic covert psychological warfare attack team member, alias "B2", announced another FBI SID "kill routine" attack against me at 3:35am 12/27/05 after the FBI SID woke me up at 3am and proceeded to pulsebeam me in a sleep deprivation attack after I got only 1:45 of sleep after repeated daily limited sleep deprivation attacks.  Jay Pendelton, allegedly FBI SID badge 604, is leading this round of illegal, evil, unconstitutional, human-rights-violating "cruel and unusual punishment" and electronic torture, and is once again flaunting his FBI SID covert electronic warfare team's criminal activity.  Jay issued a tired death threat at 4:46am 12/27/05.

     The FBI SID's electronic covert psychological warfare team hit me hard this morning.  After days of steady limited sleep deprivation attacks, Jay hit me with a FBI SID hi-tech electronic warfare nightmare at 3am after only 1:45 of sleep,  B2 announced a full FBI SID "kill routine" attack against me at 3:35am, and Jay claimed at 4:29am that he has "every right to torture you" [Ed].  (Jay retracted his "right to torture" comment at 12:47pm.). Ditsy tried to first sabotage and then block the posting of my "red alert" web release.  After I posted the "FBI Threat Level: CODE RED" alert", I was allowed to sleep for only 2 hours by Jay Pendelton.  When I woke up I was hit by a tired and lame multisource electronic warfare attack.  (Only the FBI SID fake media team(s) might actually have been awake and motivated.)  Additional technical sabotage (phone and a quick test portable TV setup)  was claimed and/or actually done.  (The FBI SID's music and video sound track sabotage skills are both technically amazing and sometimes insultingly offensive and/or obscene.)  Live and/or recorded death threats were issued by Jay and Ditsy, and B2 tried to blame this whole attack on orders from "the head of the FBI SID".  At least 2 threats of my being killed by the FBI SID if I posted to the Internet were issued today, including a personal 4:46am death threat from Jay and an anonymous 2:55pm death threat.
     Here is my 12/27/05 self-defense logfile documentation

Progress has been very slow since my dramatic 12/11/05 web posting.  I did a clean reinstall and backup of software and data on one PC, and I've regained my email capability.  I'm still way behind in processing 2005 and previous FBI SID political repression data.  For example, I have more than 675 pages of self-defense log file raw data from June-Dec. 2005, but only a small fraction of this data is posted to the web.

12/11/05-- COINTELPRO (now FBI SID) electronic repression against me has continued and intensified.  I've worked to increase my data-gathering capability, but I'm way behind in assimilating and posting data.  This report includes 1) The bad news, 2) the good news, 3) current status, 4) what would really help now, and 5) how to contact me.

1. The Bad News.:
     1. I am still electronically harassed by the FBI SID electronic harassment/warfare team (with 3 team members, aliases "Jay", "B2". and "Ditsy") daily, 24/7/365, while both awake and sometimes even while asleep.  Standard heavy-duty targeted FBI SID electronic warfare/harassment includes sound harassment (usually verbal abuse), subliminal sound harassment (with evil emotional garbage subliminal messages that can only be audibly heard if a targeted individual covers or earplugs his ears), a variety of advanced EEG brainwave disruption and manipulation attacks, occasional noticeable pulsebeaming attacks, dream manipulation, electronic equipment audio-visual sabotage and manipulation, and even real 21st-century high technology mind reading.  (I'm not sure if the "mind reading" is done with a super-sensitive mike that can "hear" extremely low volume sound from internal brain chatter or if an EEG-disruption electromagnetic beam and/or some other device is reading and interpreting actual brain waves.)
     2. The latest logged FBI SID/COINTELPRO death threats were last night (12/10/05).  (Both Jay and B2 issued death threats, but only only B2 quickly retracted his death threat.)
     3. Ditsy sabotages my PC and Internet access like its a game.
     4. Ditsy also sometimes treats EEG brainwave disruption and manipulation attacks like a game, and sometimes acts surprised when her latest electromagnetic beam EEG brainwave disruption attack can actually trigger a specific brief thought or brief bodymind action.  (Her latest weird EEG brainwave manipulation even induced a limited brain-controlled physical vomiting response in her electronically targeted victim (me) from very specific brainwave disruption and modification.)  Jay, on the other hand, will pulsebeam and/or electronically light-torture like this task is part of his unofficial job description, while B2 prefers prozac-boosted non-stop sound harassment.
     5. My music and very limited TV is sabotaged and modified.   ("Transpondered" and "scripted" is the way the FBI SID describes it).  This can range from very light and subtle to very heavy and obnoxious disruption and manipulation using both audible and/or subliminal disruption and modification.  When I hear a strange TV dialogue or very weird music at a store, I sometimes find myself asking "Is is real or is it COINTELPRO?".  Direct unmodulated comments by Ditsy, B2, or Jay are usually easy enough to identify.  Also, severe targeted TV/music/radio disruption can be identified instantly by a knowledgeable FBI SID target.  Also, a knowledgeable FBI SID target can usually identify subliminals in instrumental music quickly and easily, because they prompt you to think exactly what the subliminal message says.  (The subliminal message might be beamed at a target and/or the music's speakers.)
     6. The FBI SID electronic warfare team has been playing with very annoying advanced EEG brainwave disruption attacks.  (This point is related to points #1, #4,  #8,  #11, #15, and #16.)
     7. Sound harassment attacks from adjacent rooms occasionally occur, from either pre-recorded harassment recordings and/or live FBI SID fake media teams.  The offending sound usually comes from a TV or a radio, and can be switched on/off instantly.
     8. Simulated electronic rapes were inflicted and logged.  (This includes a  Saturday night10:39pm 12/3/05 electronically simulated rape by Jay, B2, and Ditsy.  During this event Ditsy also said "Ditsy does real torture."  This also includes other electronically simulated rapes.).
     9. PC #2 appears to have remote-control spyware on it, probably controlled by Ditsy.  (Drwtsn32.exe might be involved in this).  [12/24/05 note: Drwtsn32.exe is part of the solution, not part of the problem.  A full software reinstall and backup and eliminating any unneeded bootup commands seemed to work.]
     10. My email program hasn't been able to access my ISP email for around a week, even after I spent half a day trying to fix this problem.  The FBI SID has claimed responsibility for causing this problem.  [12/24/05 note: I have since fixed this problem.]
     11. The FBI SID electronic warfare team was able to severely electronically harass me all the way from Washington, DC to Fort Benning, GA and back again from Nov. 18-21, 2005.  They also electronically hit the weekend rally and the Saturday night gathering and concert and the church building where I slept Saturday night.  (I'm not sure whether this is all done using local car/SUV-mobile electromagnetic warfare equipment and electromagnetic beams (called transponders and transponder beams by the FBI SID) or whether some electronic psychological warfare satellite is used as a backup measure to electronically attack targeted locations and/or people.)
     12. I believe I am being stalked/tailed (and maybe sometimes even swarmed) by FBI SID "wolfpack"/harassers/tails/stalkers.  (Their FBI agent-provocateur-style use of very specific and peculiar FBI SID harassment phrases is a good tip-off.)  ("Wolfpack" is my nickname for them.)
     13. FBI SID wolfpack/tails/stalkers used the shocking phrases "Hitler" and/or "Heil Hitler" approx. 4 times in 2 days (12/5/05-12/6/05).
     14. Jay's current favorite insult is "Suck it down."  (That message is from Jay Pendelton, allegedly FBI SID badge 604, FBI SID electronic warfare/harassment team leader.  It prompted sarcastically nicknaming the FBI SID (the FBI Special Investigation Division) the FBI "Suck it down" division.)
     15. Other very serious evil offensive words were used to prompt and/or desensitize me.  This is designed to pollute and degrade my brain, is sometimes very irritating, and is in fact polluting my brain.
     16. FBI subliminal emotional garbage attacks were only temporarily halted and are back in use.
     17. The FBI SID electronic warfare team attacking me has nicknamed the head of the FBI SID "Hitler".  Ed nicknamed the in-between boss Schultz (from the "I see nothing" Schultz in Hogan's Heroes).  According to my sources in the FBI SID, FBI SID's Hitler's favorite phrase is "Hit him with all you got!".
     18. Last night (12/10/05) while cleaning I discovered evidence that strongly suggests that the FBI may have conducted a hi-tech dream attack against me as early as June 14, 1988 (when, while I was asleep and dreaming, to my great outrage in my dream, a female gun-toting vigilante aimed a gun at me and then shot me in my dream in defiance of my vehement objections and complete moral nonviolent outrage.).  (FYI, I was 25, a successful yuppie, computer professional, homeowner, and co-operative vegetarian group house manager at the time.)
     19. The cumulative level of psychological warfare, harassment, stress, pain, and anger inflicted has reached the point where the victim labels it "torture" and labels his FBI SID electronic persecutors "torturers".  The word "torture" crops up in my self-defense logbook.
     20. Verbal and electronic abuse from the FBI SID is extensive and routine.  Indecent, insulting, and/or abusive language is routine.

2. The Good News.
     1. I expect to survive this extensive more than 7 months' long  round of open (instead of covert) FBI SID electronic psychological warfare against me, primarily because I am using 5-HTP to boost my serotonin levels and maintain my spirit and self-confidence and not be overwhelmed by fear of the FBI SID and/or get bogged down in FBI SID mind games.  This is the primary psychological survival technique I recommend in my 9/3/05 electronic/electromagnetic warfare fact sheet,  (I do, however, regret the inevitable mind pollution and very bad vibes and negative thoughts that this FBI SID electronic psychological warfare attack is inflicting, and this appears to be currently unavoidable psychological damage that I will incur.  I'll remember this when its time to sue the FBI SID.)
     Caution: There is still probably more than a 10% chance that the FBI SID will actually kill me within the next 12 months.  Barring that, I expect to survive.
     2. During Sept.-Dec. 2005, I have improved my finances and my monthly cash flow and I have enough money to survive FBI SID repression (but not much more).  Any and all donations would be very very helpful.
     3. After posting the color coded "FBI SID threat level" at my home page, I have not needed to go into an actual "code red" alert since Nov. 10, 2005.  In practice, this meant that I might receive and log FBI SID death threats, and they might threaten to pulsebeam me awake all night, but I have been able to get at least a minimal amount of sleep each night, and now usually 6-8 hours of sleep every night because I threaten to go to red alert if the FBI SID launches a late-night electronic sleep deprivation attack against me.  So I am reliably getting at least enough sleep to survive, and currently usually close to as much sleep as I want.  (The FBI SID team, on the other hand, is being mercilessly worked and paid at least $25/hr. around the clock, and is allegedly subsisting with often minimal sleep on speed and prozac and megasalaries.)
     4. During Nov.-Dec. 2005, I have increased my audio, visual, and TV-recording capability.  (I can record live harassment, but not the standard FBI SID sound beam electronic harassment.)
     5. My self-defense logbook is now filled with 640 pages of log notes from June-Dec. 2005.
     6. The Supreme Court issued an anti-torture ruling in November, and stopping U.S. torture has become more of a political issue.
     7. While the media has not officially covered my story, the themes of stopping torture and electromagnetic security and/or warfare have appeared in the media.  For example, the 9pm, Sunday, Dec. 4, 2005 TV show "Law and Order: Criminal Intent" dealt with many of the issues raised in my 9/3/05 electronic/electromagnetic warfare fact sheet, including top-secret projects and technology, hi-tech electronic security, electromagnetic shielding, mind control, and potential hi-tech surveillance tools.
     8. Because the FBI SID electronically hit various rallies this year, most notably the huge Sept. 24, 2005 Washington, DC peace march, probably the Washington, DC African American Millions More march, and on Nov. 19-20, 2005 the Close the School of the Americas protest at Fort Benning, GA, I believe word is gradually getting out about the new COINTELPRO 2005-2006.  There were, in fact, very brief unreported Sept. 26, 2005 Code Pink chants of "We have the power, end the psy-war" and "Free Ed Harding, end the psy-war" at the tail end of a huge approx. 370 person nonviolent civil disobedience in front of the White House.  (COINTELPRO transpondered the buses removing those arrested, and I held 2 very small signs saying "STOP FBI SID Electronic Harassment of Political Activists.".  Also, at the Millions More March, if what I saw on my TV was accurate, one anonymous African American speaker said "We don't want COINTELPRO zapping our leaders."

3. Current Status.
     Enduring and partially documenting FBI SID electronic warfare repression and harassment and slowly plodding along.

4. What Would Really Help Now.
     1. A new and safer place to live.  I'm paying $490 a month/now for a room in a boarding house, and I could really use a new place to live.  For example, an absentee landlord might agree to rent to me for 6 months or more with the understanding that temporary FBI SID electronic harassment might make the rental property temporarily less attractive.  Or an activist household and/or a retired human rights supporter might be willing to put up with temporary FBI SID electronic harassment hitting their household.  (I'm a quiet, responsible, currently introverted sixties-style or politically and culturally green 42 year old SWM.currently dealing with one problem: FBI SID electronic harassment.)
     2. Donations.  Please consider making a donation to at
     3. Organizational help.  Does your organization dislike COINTELPRO?  Can you spare any person hours and/or financial resources to help stop COINTELPRO 2005-2006?
     4. Any useful suggestions for finding additional useful personal and/or political support.
     5. Media pressure against torture and for human rights and specifically media pressure against FBI SID/COINTELPRO human rights abuses.  Big media, why not drive to the FBI SID building, allegedly at 3525 5th street Arlington, VA, stake out a story, and score a hi-tech scoop of the FBI SID's latest technology and their human rights abuses?
     6. Congressional pressure requesting the FBI SID stop persecuting Mr. Harding.
     7. A future Congressional Investigation of FBI SID electronic psychological warfare, electronic torture, electronic media sabotage, and human rights abuses would also be helpful.
     8. Future Congressional zero-funding of the FBI SID (or at least their entire electronic warfare and political dirty tricks division) would, in my opinion, be a significant U.S. human rights victory.  (Note: I have not independently confirmed that my electronic attackers are FBI SID, although they consistently claim to be FBI SID.  There is a small chance Congress might need to zero-fund a different Electronic Warfare and Political Dirty Tricks Dept.)
     9. Future helpful assistance might include local Maryland and/or Virginia police help in preventing FBI SID crimes and/or arresting FBI SID lawbreakers.  FBI SID personnel openly admit to violating the law but smugly claim they will never be caught.
     10. Future helpful assistance might also include an excellent lawyer and/or law firm who can systematically sue the FBI SID for a multitude of human rights abuses.
     11. In the long-term future, after FBI SID electronic warfare abuses have been stopped, our government should hold an open debate about the possible appropriate moral, legal, civil, and constitutional very limited and regulated use of "mind-reading" technology.  Should this powerful technology (stripped of EEG brainwave disruption and manipulation capability) be used by police to help solve crimes?  How should it be regulated?  Under what circumstances, if any, should mind-reading technology be used in court or as court evidence?  Or is mind-reading technology just one big unconstitutional pandora's box of privacy violations that informed Americans might chose to ban instead of develop and appropriately use.  (I'm a strong believer in privacy, protection from cruel and unusual punishment, protection from unreasonable search and seizure, and the first and fifth amendments, but I believe that one day mind-reading only technology might be appropriately used in America under very limited and very carefully regulated circumstances that respect the constitution and the Bill of Rights.)

5. How You Can Contact Me.
     You can call me, Ed Harding, at 301-779-9769.  Since its an Internet phone, just call back until you reach me directly if you want to be sure to reach me.
     There is no guarantee that any sensitive email will currently reach me, since the FBI SID has claimed credit for disabling my email around 1 week ago.  If you send an important email, send it to me at using the return receipt option.
     Mail can be sent to my P.O. Box and it should eventually get to me.
     My address is:
     Ed Harding
     P.O. Box 3190
     Silver Spring, MD  20918

11/11/05 turns into COINTELPRO confession day.  Read the surprising 11/11/05 log file, pages 527-535 for yourself.  Jay Pendelton's FBI SID electronic warfare team admits routinely taking the illegal drug "speed" and comes down from speed, Jay worries about being fired, etc.
Latest News
After I produced the preliminary 9/3/05 electronic/electromagnetic warfare fact sheet, I've been very busy doing other work and chores besides website posting.  I did sometimes use the threat of website posting to try to minimize continuing FBI SID electronic warfare/harassment/torture against me, but I didn't post for an extended period of time.  I vended at the Sept. 24, 2005 Washington, DC peace rally, and let me thank everyone again who donated to myself, my survival, and my websites at the rally and the concert.  Your donations helped a lot.  Thanks!
     My harassment only occurs because greedy individuals are taking a lot of FBI SID money and are at least half-heartedly persecuting me in exchange for their outrageously high pay for working for evil.  I have been struggling to improve my financial capability to resist what FBI SID agents estimate is a half-a-million to a million dollars or more a year FBI SID-financed political dirty tricks campaign against me.  Their campaign is an all-out harassment/crippling/controlling campaign designed to cripple, destroy, and/or dominate me.  Since I refuse to be dominated, the campaign is instead trying to destroy me.
     I plan to attend and vend and accept donations at the Sept. 19-20, 2005 human rights protest to close the School of the Americas.  We are also going to need to further investigate and close the FBI SID, aka COINTELPRO 2005, and their continuing hi-tech political dirty tricks campaign against targeted U.S. political activists and dissidents.
     Here is my 11/7/05 log file, pages 492-498, logged from approx. 6am-2pm.  In these log notes, FBI electronic warfare and electronic harassment includes a sleep deprivation attack and FBI talk of FBI persecution, a death warning, B2's accidental mentioning of an alleged FBI SID gang rape in San Francisco in April 2004 (soon allegedly followed by their victim's death), FBI SID computer and Internet sabotage, Ed's survival odds, FBI SID remorse about the public learning about FBI SID crimes committed, and even the idea of the FBI shutting down the FBI SID and targeting Al Qaeda instead.
     Here is my 11/10/05 log file, pages 514-526, logged from approx. midnight-8:15pm.  I worked on a technical countermeasure to sound attacks, possible improved recording, until 3am (it didn't work), in response to electronic warfare harassment and sound harassment from both adjacent rooms. At 3am, when  COINTELPRO/FBI SID persecutors refused to let me sleep, I declared a CODE RED alert.   By 5am, they let me sleep, using electronic warfare brainwave disruption to zonk me out.  They used illegal speed to stay up, admitted B2, and Jay, B2, and Ditsy all use prozac.  After I woke up, I soon declared a CODE ORANGE alert level.  (I used earplugs to shield myself from the sound in the adjacent rooms, and somehow tolerated the FBI SID electronic warfare/mind control subliminal messages that I can hear whenever I cover my ears with earplugs or my hands.)
     The recurring theme of 11/10/05 was FBI SID death threats/warnings against me, including "You're going to die!" repeatedly said by Jay Pendelton (allegedly FBI SID badge 604) at 3:16am, "Yes, it is a death threat" also repeatedly said by Jay at 3:16am, and death threats/warnings at 3:18am, 3:41am, 3:57am, approx. 3:57am, a possible gunshot heard at 4:19am, and a death warning at 8:15pm.
     Also, 2 key computer components broke during the 11/10/05 conflict.  (One was soon fixed and one was soon replaced under warranty.)  One broken component was almost certainly FBI SID software sabotage, and the other broken component might have been FBI SID sabotage.  There was also a rare 2:52pm-3:25pm 11/10/05 (neighborhood level) power outage [Last updated 11pm 11/10/05.]

FBI SID Recent Threat Levels

6:10am 11/7/05  FBI SID Threat Level: CODE ORANGE: Strong Non-Lethal Multisource Electronic Warfare Attack.
10:20am 11/9/05 3-4 sleep deprivation attacks.  (I eventually got maybe 6-7 hours sleep.)
3-5am 11/10/05  FBI SID Threat Level: CODE RED.  No sleep.    1:05pm 11/10/05 back to CODE ORANGE.

9/3/05 News.
I've been very busy from 8/26/05-9/3/05, so I'm only providing a new draft electronic warfare fact sheet.  I'm still dealing with 24-7 COINTELPRO electronic warfare harassment and I'm still recovering from computer and Internet malfunctions and sabotage that COINTELPRO took responsibility for causing.  (I should also note that 4 days after I posted a front page website note on 8/18/05 that Jay Pendelton tried to kill me using electronic warfare, Pat Robertson on 8/22/05 publicly advocated assassinating Venezuelan President Hugo ChavezPat Robertson clarified his statements on 8/24/05.)
Recent 8/12/05-8/26/05 FBI SID (aka COINTELPRO) human rights abuses against me include:
     1. An FBI SID murder attempt announced at 7:47pm 8/12/05 and then called off at 7:55pm 8/12/05.
     2. FBI SID claimed 2 computer sabotage attempts (see 11:19pm 8/13/05-12:31am 8/14/05 log notes and 4:28pm-5:29pm 8/15/05 log notes) that targeted my abode acrobat .pdf file software.  (In response, I spent days restoring and backing up my computers.)
     4. A third FBI SID computer sabotage attempt was announced at 8:18pm 8/18/05 when my adobe acrobat software on one PC malfunctioned just before I posted this website release.  (I reinstalled adobe acrobat and fixed a new PC boot error.)
     5.  An FBI agent (Jay Pendelton, FBI SID badge 604, or so he claims) twice stated beginning at 7:40pm 8/18/05 that we was trying to kill me using an electronic appendicitis attack that produced sharp stabbing pains.
     6. Additional FBI persecution, including limited torture, sleep now attacks, a poison threat, computer sabotage threats and a new technical adobe acrobat scanning problem, and threats to sabotage/undersell my ebay auctions all occurred between 8/20/05-8/23/05.  (In an interesting coincidence, someone in the "People's Republic of Arlington" is selling 2 of my first eBay products (#1 and #2)  for sale at 4 cents apiece as of 1am 8/24/05.)
7. A prolonged period of torture on 8/25/05 and a higher level of torture at the beginning of 8/26/05.  Also more death threats, torture threats, etc. (including a mind control/domination attack, a computer destruction threat, destruction of documentation threats, an arrest threat, a suicide suggestion, and an arson threat, etc.  See the pdf file bookmarks for details).
     I was also very temporarily offered an unreliable FBI SID-controlled "sanctuary" before 11:10am on 8/12/05.
     I posted the 8/5/05-8/6/05 and 8/12/05 log notes .and the heavily bookmarked 8/17/05-8/18/05 log notes and the heavily bookmarked 8/25/05-8/26/05 log notes.  I will try to post more of my 8/12/05-8/26/05 log notes soon (and also the 8/7/04-8/11/05 log notes).

FBI COINTELPRO [SID] agent admits hiring and paying hitman responsible for 5/24/03 2003 Takoma Park, MD murder, and openly tries to hire new hitman on 7/25/05 to kill this webmaster.
FBI COINTELPRO/SID [Special Investigation Division] agent Jay Pendelton, Jr., badge #604 (probably an alias), admitted on 7/25/05 that he hired and paid a hitman for 3 separate Takoma Park MD incidents in the Spring of 2003.  The incidents were 1) a gunman/hitman pointed a gun after midnight at Mr. Harding but did not fire after Mr. Harding very politely handed over his cash.  2) Shots were fired and a man was found shot dead half a block from Mr. Harding's 2003 home at 4:30am 5/24/03.  3) The hitman later ran into but did not contact Mr. Harding in a local Takoma Park bank.  According to Jay Pendelton, all 3 incidents occurred (Mr. Harding is not certain of incident #3) and the hitman was paid $500 and later $1,000 cash by Jay Pendelton.
     Jay Pendelton, Jr., FBI SID agent, badge #604 (probably an alias), claims to work in the 5th floor of the FBI SID building, 3525 5th Street, Arlington, VA.  This claim is unconfirmed.  He leads a 3 person electronic warfare or harassment team that is paid $25-$50/hr./person to harass U.S. political dissident Mr. Harding 24/7/365 using almost unbelievably advanced electronic harassment sound beam technology.  Mr. Pendelton claims to live close to his workplace.  (He has been described as a 5'6" muscular white male, but this unconfirmed.)
     Mr. Harding was always stumped by the 2 or 3 2003 incidents, particularly the very alarming 5/24/03 murder, but he now believes that Jay Pendelton, Jr. is a sufficiently mean, thuggish, and violence-threatening cruel bully that he may well have hired a hitman for incidents #1 and/or #2 and he takes Jay's latest threat of violence very seriously.  Mr. Harding informed both Crime Solvers of Montgomery County and the Takoma Park police chief of the latest evidence concerning the 5/24/03 murder on Aug. 2, 2005.  (Crime Solvers verified their receipt of the email.  The Takoma Park police chief did not.)
     Here are my 7/25/05 log notes and 7/26/05-7/27/05 log notes (in adobe acrobat pdf format) that document this claim.  I have also posted my 7/28/05-7/31/05 log notes.  Jay, B2 (bureaucrat #2), and Ditsy (a young woman) are aliases for 3 FBI COINTELPRO (actually SID or Special Investigation Division) agents.  Jay Pendelton, Jr., FBI SID badge #604, might be Jay's real name.  Jay is the team leader who claims the $50/hr. salary.  B2 and Ditsy claim $25/hr. salaries.  Money and power appear to be their real motivation.  Jay's threats of violence continued after 7/25/05.  FBI COINTELPRO [SID] threats of computer sabotage from Ditsy occurred during my 7/25/05 log notes pdf file preparation work and also later.
     In retaliation for posting documentation of the FBI Special Investigation Division's latest electronic harassment/warfare misdeeds, I was hit with a second 1-hour FBI transponder machine caused electronic toothache from 2am-3am 8/1/05.  At 1:27pm 8/1/05 I suffered stabbing pains in my chest.  At approx. 3:40pm 8/1/05 an FBI SID worker (probably Jay) told me "That was a real heart attack.  You survived it."  It was caused by the FBI transponder machine being used in electronic warfare mode.  From midnight-4am 8/4/05 I suffered a major sleep deprivation attack that also included electronic torture from Jay Pendelton.  At 4:45pm 8/4/05 FBI electronic attack (probably run by Ditsy) against this webmaster reached the cumulative level of low-level torture.  Ed started to complain more of electronic torture after FBI electronic harassment hit squad team members Jay, Ditsy, and B2 began casually inflicting electronic pain on 8/4/05 against this webmaster.  Here are my 8/1/05-8/4/05 log notes and my 8/5/05-8/6/05 log notes.  See the latest news for a summary of FBI 8/5/05-9/3/05 electronic warfare against me.

Webmaster Ed Harding's Possible Emergency Need-- Temporary Safe Crash Sleeping Space in the Washington, DC, Area
For the first and so far only time since I started these websites in 1996 and invested more than 20k and lot of sweat-equity labor in these websites, I am asking for personal aid and help from anyone in the Washington, DC area who can safely provide and/or direct me to free and/or very cheap safe legal crash space for sleeping in the Washington, DC area in case of another COINTELPRO electronic denial of sleep attack emergency.  The bottom line is I am daily and nightly being hit by at least one hi-tech electronic high frequency sound beam weapon from the new hi-tech FBI COINTELPRO attack on targeted radicals.  These secret hi-tech FBI COINTELPRO electronic weapons (called "transponders" by the FBI) can do 5 things:
     1) They only affect a very small targeted area.  Because they are narrow very high frequency ultrasonic sound beams, they only affect a narrow specific targeted area (similar to a flashlight's narrow light beam, except that it is a very high frequency ultrasonic sound beam).  The new FBI COINTELPRO claims this weapon's range is 200 yards, and at 200 yards a narrow sound beam could be much wider.  Sound beam width also might also be adjustable.
     2) They can pulse-beam attack and prevent sleeping.  I have dealt with 3 pulsed-beam denial of sleep attacks between 6/16/05-6/19/05.
     3) They can produce some really fancy hi-tech electronic noise pollution ranging from very subtle noise pollution (you would probably need to fold your earlobes over your ears with your hands to hear, and the often subliminal content is often on the level of emotional sewage) to loud obnoxious sound beams that can envelop an entire supermarket (particularly any refrigerators).  If you are directly in the sound beam path and you fold you earlobes over both ears, you should be able to hear any sound beam message, even subliminal ones.  (Believe it or not, these very high-frequency ultrasonic sound beam weapons can also affect the human brain's emotion and human muscles and/or nerves.)
     4) If they hit a fan, air conditioner, refrigerator, or speaker, or a running car engine, or many electrical appliances, they produce audible sound.
     5) They might leave an energy residue that may produce noise pollution later and eventually dissipate after a certain unknown number of days.
The FBI claims these electronic sound-beam weapons have a max range of 200 yards.
     Between 2-3pm on 6/17/05, 1-2 out of 4 tired volatile and moodswinging electronic FBI electronic hit-squad members were in an angry almost kamikaze electronic attack mode, and Jay had already issued at least one death threat.  (According to Jay Pendelton, Jr., badge 604, FBI Special Intelligence Division, [his name might an alias], who also claims to run the FBI Special Intelligence Division,  the "real FBI" is a few "neofascist types" and "We will fucking kill you", to be precise.  Prior quotes like this since 6/11/05 are logged but have not been posted.)  They may well change their electronic attack mode later.  At 2pm Friday, June 17, Jay stated that I will need to find a really good sanctuary in order to survive.  However, he has bluffed in his prior threats to kill to me, since I'm still alive, so any sanctuary at all might possibly work and help me at least temporarily avoid any future FBI electronic denial of sleep attacks.
     This is the sum-total of the hi-tech harassment I am receiving from the new hi-tech electronic COINTELPRO 2005.  If you or your social change group's office or social change's groups business office or a liberal church or a foreign embassy or a rented farm or rural community can withstand this energy temporarily (or even permanently) or if you can recommend a place that can withstand this hi-tech electronic harassment, please call me, Ed Harding, at 301-779-9769, or email me at to provide any help and/or suggestions.  Thanks in advance if you can provide any very much-needed and very-much appreciated help.  There is a good chance that they might not attack 2 or 3 people sleeping in one room at one time (I think they hate to leave evidence), but I wouldn't count on it.  (This is probably about as close to a real electronic science-fiction event as you will probably ever experience in your life.  No kidding.)  Also, if you can spare any donations, please consider donating generously.  (You can donate electronically by donating to at
     If you think you can help, please at least scan the rest of this article to learn what you might be temporarily in for.  If not, please read the rest of this article at your convenience.  If you are a left-wing political radical and have ever experienced any weird unexplainable science-fiction type event in your life and/or you think you might experience an event like this in the future, this new powerful FBI technology may well provide a rational explanation for what happened in your past or might happen in your future.
     If you have some extra time, you could also call you congressman and/or senator and/or the FBI and ask them to stop the FBI electronic harassment of's webmaster, Edmund H. Harding, and direct them to for any further info.

6/25/05 NEWS--FBI COINTELPRO electronic harassment hit squad team routinely threatens all-night denial of sleep pulse beam attacks (at least 5 times in the last 3 days, for example), but does NOT pulse-beam attack at night.  (My threatening to post outrageous quotes from the next all-night pulse beamer may have been a deterrent.)  The FBI COINTELPRO electronic harassment hit squad team hit the tail end of the 6/21/05 Great Labor Arts Exchange, and I'm expecting them to disrupt 1 or 2 July 4 events that I plan to attend.  (24-7, this FBI team doesn't take a break.)  I've adjusted my sleeping hours (early to bed, early to rise) in order to reduce my vulnerability to denial of sleep attacks, and this has so far worked.  I've been catching up on chores and haven't found a safe emergency crash space in a private home, so I might need to do more emergency improvising if I am pulse-beam attacked again.

6/19/05 NEWS--Webmaster Again Hit With A Third Electronic Denial of Sleep Attack 6/19/05 (early morning).

6/17/05 NEWS--Webmaster Again Hit With A Second Pulsed Electronic Denial of Sleep Attack 6/17/05 (early morning).
     This webmaster again regrets to report that he was hit by the new hi-tech electronic FBI COINTELPRO with another hi-tech very strong pulsed electronic full-scale denial of sleep attack, the sabotaged deletion of new data he was about to post to the Internet, and a (probably illegal) attempt to by one FBI Special Investigation Division employee to remotely download software to both of the webmaster's active PCs in an attempt to either sabotage and/or regain partial FBI control of 2 of Ed's FBI-modified PCs.  He was also threatened with continual FBI denial of sleep attacks wherever he went and threatened with arrest if he tried finding a temporary sleep sanctuary in the woods and/or legal trouble (border, visa and/or other legal trouble) if he sought sleep sanctuary in a Washington, D.C. foreign embassy that should be legally off-limits to FBI electronic attack.  After remembering the word sanctuary Ed is even considering trying to find a sleep sanctuary in a liberal church sanctuary, but is unaware if the FBI electronic secret police would even respect a church sanctuary.  (Half of the FBI electronic hit squad team currently targeting this webmaster actually sometimes request or demand fantasy and/or real blow jobs in invasive forced hi-tech electronic communication with this webmaster in exchange for temporarily stopping other electronic communication and/or denial of sleep abuses.)  During this sleep deprivation attack, Jay Pendleton Jr. took the early morning opportunity to conduct an extremely irritating and sarcastic half-automated electronic inquisition "and you know what?..." series of attention-grabbing super-irritating comments that provoked an extremely irritated response from all involved who were stuck listening to him.
     This denial of sleep attack occurred despite FBI manager Jay Pendelton's very recent promise that it would not occur after Ed declined to immediately post a very surprising recent list of select quotes from Jay's numerous pre-publication threats and warnings, and Jay, who electronically observed the denial of sleep attack and usually claims to be in charge of the entire FBI Special Intelligence Division, did not lift a finger or issue an order to stop this denial of sleep attack.
     I am warned that the FBI might make normal sleep impossible for me for the foreseeable future almost anywhere I go.  This objective posting (minus some ranting in a previous sabotaged unposted version) has already immediately provoked a long strong and steady 2 rounds of another pulsed electronic denial of sleep attack lasting from Friday morning into Friday afternoon, June 17, 2005.
    I am warned that the FBI electronic hit squad(s) might make normal sleep impossible for me for the foreseeable future almost anywhere I go.  I have also previously been warned of a possible FBI break-in and sabotage at my soon-to-be often unoccupied rented room currently targeted my multiple hi-tech new FBI COINTELPRO electronic very high frequency sound beam weapons.
     This webmaster notes that his most recent will wills his websites,, and and most (but not all) of his estate (including his life insurance) to Co-op America in order to help co-operatively build a better world and a small part of his estate to his economically well-to-do next-of-kin.  (Co-op America should still have my will in their files.)

6/16/05 NEWS--Webmaster Hit With Pulsed Electronic Denial of Sleep Attack 6/16/05 (early morning).
This webmaster regrets to report that he was hit with a intermittently pulsed electronic denial of sleep attack last night and early this morning.  He managed to get some sleep, but had to argue with different technicians (the FBI Special Investigation Division nicknames them "transpondermen") who were operating one hi-tech electronic sound beam machine that was intermittently pulsing very high frequency ultrasonic sound beams into the webmaster's rented room in order to prevent him from sleeping.  (If you read the rest of this report, this initially difficult to believe report should make perfect sense.)  A mean man identifying himself as Jay Pendelton, Jr. (who has previously identified himself as FBI Special Investigation Division badge #604 and also claims that he is the person in charge of the FBI Special Investigation Division), said "...the denial of sleep attack was to prevent you from posting to your website."
     Bottom line: the webmaster (Ed Harding) is tired, and might need an emergency place to crash should these denial of sleep attacks continue.  (Also, Jay Pendelton and his awake all-night crew are very exhausted and discontent.)  Jay Pendelton initially claimed that a new FBI Special Investigation [electronic harassment] team would take over at 8am, but they never materialized.

     This report is about lessons learned from a very dramatic and weird amazing 4 month misadventure from 4/30/05-9/3/05 while I was almost constantly hit with hi-tech electronic harassment from what I now believe is a U.S. secret police hi-tech harassment hit squad.  This hi-tech harassment hit squad identified themselves as the FBI Special Investigative Division on approx. 5/19/05.  I believe they are part of the new hi-tech COINTELPRO 2005.

     The key to this electronic harassment hit squad (and probably similar electronic harassment hit squads) is a new very very hi-tech (probably high frequency) ultrasound sound beam machine.  It is similar to but much more powerful than commercial sound beam technology and more powerful than the sound beam technology that ABCNews and probably also the protesters' small intermittent Indymedia newspaper reported that the NYPD admitted that they deployed against Aug.-Sept. 2004 protesters at the NYC Republican National Convention.  This underreported high tech sound beam NYPD police deployment is still noted on the Internet at and
      In addition to these very well documented examples, there exists a network of anti electronic harassment websites that list many unproven outlandish claims of hi-tech electronic harassment, only a fraction of which are probably true.

     The FBI electronic harassment hit squad's secret weapon is a very very powerful hi-tech sound beam machine called a "transponder" by the FBI Special Intelligence Division.  In Washington, DC, unconfirmed rumors have it that 20 of these very high tech sound beam machines (known in-house by the FBI as "transponders") are currently stored in the FBI Special Intelligence Division building.  The FBI Special Intelligence Division has been described as a 5-story building approx. 1 mile west of the Pentagon, near the Clarendon metro stop, and unconfirmed rumor repeatedly says the address is 3525 5th St., Arlington, VA, 22201.  Unconfirmed rumor has it that these machines have a limited range, maybe somewhere around the 50-mile range.  In other words, it might be possible to flee from these machines, but it also might be possible for the FBI to relocate these machines to track someone if they really want to track them anywhere.  Rumor also has it that there around 400 of these machines used the FBI in the United States.  (I'm not even going to speculate about how many transponders the CIA has.)
     Is a new and powerful form of COINTELPRO 2005 back?  I believe it is back in the Washington, DC metropolitan area and FBI rumor has it that these transponder hi-tech sound harassment machines are used nationwide.  I have been routinely hit with 1 or more transponders for 6 weeks so far and I can testify that they can be a real pain in the ass.  (Not only can they grab your attention, but if they hit you at full strength at very close range in a sound beam pulsing mode (for example, from an adjacent house), they can prevent you from sleeping.  They also have some other difficult to believe powers that one would probably have to experience first to believe.
     I have major ethical, humanitarian, and political concerns (and even personal survival concerns) about how many transponders the FBI Special Intelligence Division has in the United States and how they are being used.  FBI rumor has it that they admit to 20 transponders in the DC national office and 400 transponders nationwide.  FBI rumor has it that the FBI is hitting at least 100 U.S. left-wing political radicals on a regular basis since around 4/30/05 (1 day before May Day 2005).  I consider this a FBI Spring 2005 COINTELPRO offensive in a undeclared hi-tech undeclared war on FBI-targeted U.S. left-wing political radicals.  (Rumor has it that the FBI Special Intelligence Division has been running short on transponder guns ever since 4/30/05.).  One FBI person guessed that some of the hi-tech COINTELPRO electronic harassment hit squad victims are webmasters (people who manage Internet websites), and another FBI person warned that they have orders to track down (but not necessarily electronically harass) webmasters.  Another guess is that there might be infrequent transponder sound beam attacks against hundreds or even possibly thousands of U.S. left-wing political radicals monthly and possibly thousands annually.  (I'm told that most of these attacks are quick transponder sound beam hits to quickly convey a very ethereal sounding message to a radical. but some harassment attacks might last longer.).  This is all unofficial unconfirmed rumor (except for the common DC area story of 20 DC area transponder machines, a story that is probably true.)
     Bottom line: Is there a secret undeclared amazingly hi-tech COINTELPRO 2005 (now presumably the FBI Special Investigation Division) war against some U.S. left-wing political radicals?.  If so, who is being hit where with what transponder or ultrasound sound beam weapons?  FBI rumor says that there definitely is a new hi-tech COINTELPRO Spring 2005 offensive using sound beam transponders to target U.S. left-wing political radicals..

     My guess is that if you are a prominent left-wing political activist or judged by the FBI to be a potential terrorist, then the FBI may be interested in you.  If they are interested in you they might express this interest by bugging one of your electronic devices.  (I am told that swapping your current device for a pre-bugged device is one favorite quick and easy tactic.)  If they are more interested in you, they might express this interest by installing a wireless speaker and/or additional bugs.  Also, if you are an important leader and/or webmaster, the FBI might get very interested in your computer, your monitor, your computer' mouse and keyboard, and your Internet firewall.  It might even want a backdoor to manipulating your PC.
(You might want to keep track of all electronic devices' serial numbers to make sure that device is yours and not a quick FBI swap.)  You might also check for any wireless mikes.  (Most bugs require batteries and/or a power cord.)
.    Now, coping with transponder beams.  It you ever hear an electronic human voice from an open refrigerator or freezer door, or a device talking like some device in one Joan of Arc TV show, you are probably dealing with sound beams and probably FBI transponder beams and their harassment hit squad crews.  If this occurs at home, then, until COINTELPRO 2005 is stopped or gotten off your tail, you're screwed.  (I haven't gotten them off my tail yet.)  If you are in a strong electromagnetic field and the FBI has a close transponder beam shot at your house, a transponder beam can sometimes even :"hear" any thoughts you silently say to yourself, so if you can any serious secrets to hide from the FBI, be forewarned.  My new understanding is that the FBI is usually interested in serious (usually more than $500 value) past crimes, so I wouldn't sweat minor past transgressions.  They sometimes like to collect embarrassing dirt, though, so be forewarned.
     If you find this section's hints useful, please consider making a small donation at because so far I lost 6 weeks of my life, some old buried personal memories, and many hundreds of dollars while withstanding constant FBI harassment to bring you this potentially useful information, and boy could I sure use the dough.
     Now, testing for transponder beams.  Transponder beams are actually high-frequency ultra-sound sound beams that can be either narrow and/or wider sound beams.  (In a approx. 12' wide room, I can currently notice 2 adjacent transponder beams with different messages.  (At night standard messages are "you are very awake" in your living space and "you are very sleepy" in your sleeping space, so if you start falling asleep quickly in your bed, you might be being hit with a sound beam or transponder beam.)  Also, if you hear voices from the refrigerators in a grocery store, a sound beam or transponder beam is probably at work.
     You can quickly and easily test for a transponder beam or sound beam by closing your earlobes over your eardrum with you hands.  If you hear a voice, its a transponder beam.  (Don't be surprised if the subliminal message is indecent and/or very offensive.)  Also, very ethereal voices are probably not ghosts- they are probably transponder beams.  (If you listen to an ethereal voice and it takes a break to joke or talk about regular human gripes like work, boredom, stress, low pay, etc, then its a good bet that there is a real human voice (and/or a recorded human voice) at the other end of the machine.
     Transponder beams can be either heard ethereally or, if they connect with any electrical field, including a speaker or fan, then become heard more like regular human voices.
     COINTELPRO, or hitting targeted left-wing political activists with harassment, is hard, sometimes degrading or dehumanizing work.  In my opinion, these left-wing political activists DO NOT need investigating or harassment (I think they are the good guys), so let me encourage any COINTELPRO members to be slackers and definitely not work too hard.  If you really have a moral problem with what COINTELPRO is doing now, you can always tip off the press.  I am a current COINTELPRO target and between the ridiculous harassment scripts, the impish to evil to sometimes fascist subliminal transponder beam messages, and the unwarranted persecution of leftist political activists, there is plenty of bad work to not do and/or not do  fast.  Also, it helps to give transponder beam victims survival and privacy hints.

     Any claim that they are conducting an FBI "Investigation" is, in my opinion, a total sham.  I have dealt (and not dealt) with more BS in the sham scripts and the often impish or indecent subliminal transponder beam messages from FBI transponderman than any one person should have to deal with in a lifetime.  And my record is actually much cleaner than the one or 2 hard-ass sadistic people working for the FBI who use invasive sound beam technology to invade my personal space and disrupt my shopping errands.  (Jews in particular may be repulsed by the pro-Hitler and neo-nazi or fascist subliminal messages sent by some FBI transpondermen.)  My main concern is than these hi-tech electronic harassment hit squads could become the nucleus of a fascist U.S. secret police in the future if COINTELPRO (now the FBI Special Intelligence Division) is not stopped and/or reformed.  Noninvasive legitimate information-gathering is OK, but routine authoritarian abusive treatment of U.S. political dissidents is NOT OK.
      Note: authoritarianism, actual pro-Hitler subliminal messages, indecency, rudeness, and petty indecent electronic abuse and/or extortion are so commonplace in COINTELPRO (now the FBI Special Intelligence Division) electronic attacks, that I might end up temporarily censoring just how bad the abuse is so that some FBI employee will NOT blast me with a pulsed sound beam weapon and actually allow me to sleep in what should be the privacy of my own rented room.
     I also received on Saturday, June 11, 2005 plenty of electronic death threats and warnings and other warnings when some FBI employees discovered that I was planning to exercise my First Amendment rights and talk about one victim's experience of COINTELPRO (Now the FBI Special Intelligence Division).  I have also received many threats (including 1 or more death threats) from FBI employee identifying himself as Jay Pendelton, badge #604, who claims to run the FBI Special Intelligence Division.

     I can definitely use some reliable trustworthy help and I can very much use donations.  I am in political and economic crunch survival mode now and if you every considered making a donation before and didn't, now would be a critical time to make a donation.  Please send your donations to
at  and/or send a check or money order to:
Edmund H. Harding or
P.O. Box 3190
Silver Spring, MD  20918

     Any offers of temporary emergency shelter, if necessary, would be very much appreciated, and I would only crash there in an emergency.  Caution: FBI sound beam and/or transponder machine technology is mobile.  i have been electronically harassed and disabled daily for 6 weeks now, starting approx. April 30, 2005 , but I am still surviving.  I will try to post a note that I'm hopefully still OK soon, but at this point I am scrambling and further website releases are not my A1 priority.

     In Solidarity,
     Edmund H. Harding