Is a Hi-Tech COINTELPRO 2005 Back?
EmpowermentResourc survives a 5/30/05-6/16/05 FBI Electronic Siege
Third Draft.  (More revisions later.)

TODAY'S NEWS--Webmaster Hit With Pulsed Electronic Denial of Sleep Attack 6/16/05 (early morning).
This webmaster regrets to report that he was hit with a intermittently pulsed electronic denial of sleep attack last night and early this morning.  He managed to get some sleep, but had to argue with different technicians (the FBI Special Investigation Division nicknames them "transpondermen") who were operating one hi-tech electronic sound beam machine that was intermittently pulsing very high frequency ultrasonic sound beams into the webmaster's rented room in order to prevent him from sleeping.  (If you read the rest of this report, this initially difficult to believe report should make perfect sense.)  A mean man identifying himself as Jay Pendelton, Jr. (who has previously identified himself as FBI Special Investigation Division badge #604 and also claims that he is the person in charge of the FBI Special Investigation Division), said "...the denial of sleep attack was to prevent you from posting to your website."
     Bottom line: the webmaster (Ed Harding) is tired, and might need an emergency place to crash should these denial of sleep attacks continue.  (Also, Jay Pendelton and his awake all-night crew are very exhausted and discontent.)  Jay Pendelton initially claimed that a new FBI Special Investigation [electronic harassment] team would take over at 8am, but they never materialized.

     This report is about lessons learned from a very dramatic and weird amazing 6 week misadventure from 5/30/05-6/12/05 while I was almost constantly hit with hi-tech electronic harassment from what I now believe is a U.S. secret police hi-tech harassment hit squad.  This hi-tech harassment hit squad identified themselves as the FBI Special Investigative Division on approx. 5/19/05.  I believe they are part of the new hi-tech COINTELPRO 2005.

     The key to this electronic harassment hit squad (and probably similar electronic harassment hit squads) is a new very very hi-tech (probably high frequency) ultrasound sound beam machine.  It is similar to but much more powerful than commercial sound beam technology and more powerful than the sound beam technology that ABCNews and probably also the protesters' small intermittent Indymedia newspaper reported that the NYPD admitted that they deployed against Aug.-Sept. 2004 protesters at the NYC Republican National Convention.  This underreported high tech sound beam NYPD police deployment is still noted on the Internet at and

     The FBI electronic harassment hit squad's secret weapon is a very very powerful hi-tech sound beam machine called a "transponder" by the FBI Special Intelligence Division.  In Washington, DC, unconfirmed rumors have it that 20 of these very high tech sound beam machines (known in-house by the FBI as "transponders") are currently stored in the FBI Special Intelligence Division building.  The FBI Special Intelligence Division has been described as a 5-story building approx. 1 mile west of the Pentagon, near the Clarendon metro stop, and unconfirmed rumor repeatedly says the address is 3525 5th St., Arlington, VA, 22201.  Unconfirmed rumor has it that these machines have a limited range, maybe somewhere around the 50-mile range.  In other words, it might be possible to flee from these machines, but it also might be possible for the FBI to relocate these machines to track someone if they really want to track them anywhere.  Rumor also has it that there around 400 of these machines used the FBI in the United States.  (I'm not even going to speculate about how many transponders the CIA has.)
     Is a new and powerful form of COINTELPRO 2005 back?  I believe it is back in the Washington, DC metropolitan area and FBI rumor has it that these transponder hi-tech sound harassment machines are used nationwide.  I have been routinely hit with 1 or more transponders for 6 weeks so far and I can testify that they can be a real pain in the ass.  (Not only can they grab your attention, but if they hit you at full strength at very close range in a sound beam pulsing mode (for example, from an adjacent house), they can prevent you from sleeping.  They also have some other difficult to believe powers that one would probably have to experience first to believe.
     I have major ethical, humanitarian, and political concerns (and even personal survival concerns) about how many transponders the FBI Special Intelligence Division has in the United States and how they are being used.  FBI rumor has it that they admit to 20 transponders in the DC national office and 400 transponders nationwide.  FBI rumor has it that the FBI is hitting at least 100 U.S. left-wing political radicals on a regular basis since around 4/30/05 (1 day before May Day 2005).  I consider this a FBI Spring 2005 COINTELPRO offensive in a undeclared hi-tech undeclared war on FBI-targeted U.S. left-wing political radicals.  (Rumor has it that the FBI Special Intelligence Division has been running short on transponder guns ever since 4/30/05.).  One FBI person guessed that some of the hi-tech COINTELPRO electronic harassment hit squad victims are webmasters (people who manage Internet websites), and another FBI person warned that they have orders to track down (but not necessarily electronically harass) webmasters.  Another guess is that there might be infrequent transponder sound beam attacks against hundreds or even possibly thousands of U.S. left-wing political radicals monthly and possibly thousands annually.  (I'm told that most of these attacks are quick transponder sound beam hits to quickly convey a very ethereal sounding message to a radical. but some harassment attacks might last longer.).  This is all unofficial unconfirmed rumor (except for the common DC area story of 20 DC area transponder machines, a story that is probably true.)
     Bottom line: Is there a secret undeclared amazingly hi-tech COINTELPRO 2005 (now presumably the FBI Special Investigation Division) war against some U.S. left-wing political radicals?.  If so, who is being hit where with what transponder or ultrasound sound beam weapons?  FBI rumor says that there definitely is a new hi-tech COINTELPRO Spring 2005 offensive using sound beam transponders to target U.S. left-wing political radicals..

     My guess is that if you are a prominent left-wing political activist or judged by the FBI to be a potential terrorist, then the FBI may be interested in you.  If they are interested in you they might express this interest by bugging one of your electronic devices.  (I am told that swapping your current device for a pre-bugged device is one favorite quick and easy tactic.)  If they are more interested in you, they might express this interest by installing a wireless speaker and/or additional bugs.  Also, if you are an important leader and/or webmaster, the FBI might get very interested in your computer, your monitor, your computer' mouse and keyboard, and your Internet firewall.  It might even want a backdoor to manipulating your PC.
(You might want to keep track of all electronic devices' serial numbers to make sure that device is yours and not a quick FBI swap.)  You might also check for any wireless mikes.  (Most bugs require batteries and/or a power cord.)
.    Now, coping with transponder beams.  It you ever hear an electronic human voice from an open refrigerator or freezer door, or a device talking like some device in one Joan of Arc TV show, you are probably dealing with sound beams and probably FBI transponder beams and their harassment hit squad crews.  If this occurs at home, then, until COINTELPRO 2005 is stopped or gotten off your tail, you're screwed.  (I haven't gotten them off my tail yet.)  If you are in a strong electromagnetic filed and the FBI has a close transponder beam shot at your house, a transponder beam can sometimes even :"hear" any thoughts you silently say to yourself, so if you can any serious secrets to hide from the FBI, be forewarned.  My new understanding is that the FBI is usually interested in serious (usually more than $500 value) past crimes, so I wouldn't sweat minor past transgressions.  They sometimes like to collect embarrassing dirt, though, so be forewarned.
     If you find this section's hints useful, please consider making a small donation at because so far I lost 6 weeks of my life, some old buried personal memories, and many hundreds of dollars while withstanding constant FBI harassment to bring you this potentially useful information, and boy could I sure use the dough.
     Now, testing for transponder beams.  Transponder beams are actually high-frequency ultra-sound sound beams that can be either narrow and/or wider sound beams.  (In a approx. 12' wide room, I can currently notice 2 adjacent transponder beams with different messages.  (At night standard messages are "you are very awake" in your living space and "you are very sleepy" in your sleeping space, so if you start falling asleep quickly in your bed, you might be being hit with a sound beam or transponder beam.)  Also, if you hear voices from the refrigerators in a grocery store, a sound beam or transponder beam is probably at work.
     You can quickly and easily test for a transponder beam or sound beam by closing your earlobes over your eardrum with you hands.  If you hear a voice, its a transponder beam.  (Don't be surprised if the subliminal message is indecent and/or very offensive.)  Also, very ethereal voices are probably not ghosts- they are probably transponder beams.  (If you listen to an ethereal voice and it takes a break to joke or talk about regular human gripes like work, boredom, stress, low pay, etc, then its a good bet that there is a real human voice (and/or a recorded human voice) at the other end of the machine.
     Transponder beams can be either heard ethereally or, if they connect with any electrical field, including a speaker or fan, then become heard more like regular human voices.
     COINTELPRO, or hitting targeted left-wing political activists with harassment, is hard, sometimes degrading or dehumanizing work.  In my opinion, these left-wing political activists DO NOT need investigating or harassment (I think they are the good guys), so let me encourage any COINTELPRO members to be slackers and definitely not work too hard.  If you really have a moral problem with what COINTELPRO is doing now, you can always tip off the press.  I am a current COINTELPRO target and between the ridiculous harassment scripts, the impish to evil to sometimes fascist subliminal transponder beam messages, and the unwarranted persecution of leftist political activists, there is plenty of bad work to not do and/or not do  fast.  Also, it helps to give transponder beam victims survival and privacy hints.

     Any claim that they are conducting an FBI "Investigation" is, in my opinion, a total sham.  I have dealt (and not dealt) with more BS in the sham scripts and the often impish or indecent subliminal transponder beam messages from FBI transponderman than any one person should have to deal with in a lifetime.  And my record is actually much cleaner than the one or 2 hard-ass sadistic people working for the FBI who use invasive sound beam technology to invade my personal space and disrupt my shopping errands.  (Jews in particular may be repulsed by the pro-Hitler and neo-nazi or fascist subliminal messages sent by some FBI transpondermen.)  My main concern is than these hi-tech electronic harassment hit squads could become the nucleus of a fascist U.S. secret police in the future if COINTELPRO (now the FBI Special Intelligence Division) is not stopped and/or reformed.  Noninvasive legitimate information-gathering is OK, but routine authoritarian abusive treatment of U.S. political dissidents is NOT OK.
      Note: authoritarianism, actual pro-Hitler subliminal messages, indecency, rudeness, and petty indecent electronic abuse and/or extortion are so commonplace in COINTELPRO (now the FBI Special Intelligence Division) electronic attacks, that I might end up temporarily censoring just how bad the abuse is so that some FBI employee will NOT blast me with a pulsed sound beam weapon and actually allow me to sleep in what should be the privacy of my own rented room.
     I also received on Saturday, June 11, 2005 plenty of electronic death threats and warnings and other warnings when some FBI employees discovered that I was planning to exercise my First Amendment rights and talk about one victim's experience of COINTELPRO (Now the FBI Special Intelligence Division).  I have also received many threats (including 1 or more death threats) from FBI employee identifying himself as Jay Pendelton, badge #604, who claims to run the FBI Special Intelligence Division.

     I can definitely use some reliable trustworthy help and I can very much use donations.  I am in political and economic crunch survival mode now and if you every considered making a donation before and didn't, now would be a critical time to make a donation.  Please send your donations to
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Edmund H. Harding or
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     Any offers of temporary emergency shelter, if necessary, would be very much appreciated, and I would only crash there in an emergency.  Caution: FBI sound beam and/or transponder machine technology is mobile.  i have been electronically harassed and disabled daily for 6 weeks now, starting approx. April 30, 2005 , but I am still surviving.  I will post additional info (or at least an update stating that I'm OK) soon, late Saturday night June 18, 2005 at the latest.

     In Solidarity,
     Edmund H. Harding