FACT SHEET: DRAFT VERSION (Still Under Revision)

Non-lethal Electronic Warfare-- Possible Electronic Attacks Against Individuals
Personal Privacy and Security in the 21st Century

     21st century advances in technology provide people-- individuals, companies, and governments-- with the power to invade other people's privacy.  Paradoxically, as technology becomes stronger, people's privacy becomes weaker.  This fact sheet is being prepared by a creative freethinker who, after seeing his privacy decimated by advanced technology, wants to thoroughly understand how individual privacy and security can be violated and how individual privacy and security can be secured.  (Because this creative freethinker is in a personal crunch, this fact sheet may remain in a hopefully useful draft version for some time.)

     Different Types of Mostly Secret & Non-Lethal Electronic/Electromagnetic Warfare Against Individuals

and Tactics
Computer Monitoring, Sabotage, and/or Control.
Gathering Electronic Data
Surveillance Cameras, Bugging, Stalking, and/or Mind Reading.
Also Political Surveillance.
SEND INFO: Communication and/or Sound Projection IRRITATE, REPULSE, CRIPPLE, AND/OR PUNISH:
ncludes inflicting pain, discomfort, or even torture. 
(Maybe also sleep deprivation.)
Including Bodymind Control.  (Might include drugging.)
Also see the monitor/learn category for remote control of computer issues.
STUN OR INJURE POISON OR KILL: Poison, Radiation, or Biowarfare
How often this occurs Daily.  Whenever you're connected to the Internet. Infrequently.
Whenever an individual or organization wants to learn about you.
Some workplaces and other places have routine electronic surveillance. Daily.  TV, newspaper, spam. Hopefully only very infrequent loud noise disruption. Daily.  When you're watching TV. Variable. Remote control of your own, or sometimes shared, appliances.
(Usually using infra-red technology.)
Probably never. Probably never intentionally.
Rare accidental food poisening. (Est. 5% illness rate/year.)
Cheap 1. Spyware (can be manually installed on a PC or downloaded from the Internet)
2. Adware (or shareware) spyware. 
Often free software that includes hidden extra programs/ functions.
3. Illegal computer hacking tools
4.keyloggers, rootkits.
Google, Investigative Software,
Names, Addresses, & Phone Numbers Database software.
Street Map software.
Internet Databases.
Credit Reports.
Driving Records.
Police Records.
Computer webcams and security camera software.
(Infrared webcams/ surveillance cameras have limited night vision.)
Baby room monitors.
Used spy bugs at eBay.

Talk, email, phone call, fax, letter.
Complain, protest.
CB Radio
Ham Radio
Walkie Talkies.
Also self-help subliminal tapes.
Wireless speakers.
Loud/obnoxious Music/Behavior, Bad Odors, Graffiti, Vandalism, etc.
(Also note electromagnetic rodent/insect repellant technology.)
Verbal and/or physical attack by goons.
Fun: TV (hypnosis and ads), alcohol

positive mind technology

Getting someone drunk with alcohol
Date rape drugs
dosing with LSD
V-chip TV content parental control device.  Internet filters for parents and/or employers.
TV-B-Gone.  Universal remote controls.
Remote controlled speakers.
Micro FM transmitters.
Computer spyware/ hacking tools.
Beststungun.com sells cheap, weak stun guns. Legal in many areas.  Illegal in many areas.  Restricted in some areas. Bad Drinking Water often carries disease.
Disease: contagious disease routinely travels around the planet.
Spoiled/rotten/moldy food must be avoided.
Poison: Many cleaning liquids are poison (and must be kept away from infants, for example.)
Commercially Available Employee Internet and/or email monitoring software.
Probably ISP monitoring software too.
(The FBI claimed in 2003 that they use commercial software.)
Customer Databases,
PI (Private Investigator) Data.
Videocams, Audio bugs, phone wiretaps, GPS vehicle tracking.
Spy Tech Agency.

Est. 200,000 bugs planted.
Subliminal ad messages.
Sound Beam Technology
TV Hypnosis
Subliminal embeds in ads, TV, music, and video
Micro-transmitters for FM, AM, TV, etc. Air Taser Gun M-18 costs $350.  The policeman's stun gun. Legal in many areas.  Illegal in many areas.  Restricted in some areas.
Top Secret Computer sabotage of targeted computer(s).
URL Blocking.
Rare website viewing sabotage. 
(Rain=100% chance for rally weather, for example.)
Carnivore. (link2)
1/14/05 FOIA info

1. Probably advanced Internet hacking tools and spyware.
2. Probably fancy hardware and software spy tools, including "rootkits".
3. Probably computer driver, software, and/or BIOS modifications.
4. Computer screen viewing tools.
4.1 ISP tools that can monitor all Internet activity.
4.2 TEMPEST  devices that can remotely view CRT (but maybe not LCD) computer monitors by monitoring CRT EMF emissions. 
4.3 Probably computer monitors that radio/transmit screen images elsewhere.
Probably advanced electronic data gathering tools.  Probably easier access to private databases. Amazing but TRUE: Top secret technology can sometimes read targeted minds.
Here is some evidence (also cached by Google) and more evidence to document how this could technically be true.  Here is a detailed scientific paper (in MS-Word format).

(It might be possible to combine an improved version of a 1976 Malech patent device for remotely reading brainwaves by bouncing 2 mixed EMF beams off of a brain and reading filtered bounced-back EMF data from the brain with other technology that can translate brainwaves-to-speech.  Also see 100 subliminal suggestion and mind-control patents.)
(It's probably brainwave reading, but it might also work using a supersensitive mike that records internal "brain chatter".).
Sound Beam Technology,
FBI Transponders,
Subliminal Sound Technology.
Probably improved acoustic heterodyne/ hypersonic sound technology.
Pulse-Beaming, probably with Microwave Technology.  (Very similar to rodent repellant technology.) Brainwave Manipulation (and monitoring and maybe even recording.)
Amazing technology feats include: sound beam technology, subliminal messages, mind reading, bodymind manipulation probably using  brainwaves manipulation, sleep now attacks, influencing dreams, and/or inflicting pain and/or simulated illness.
1. Sound sabotage (and video soundtrack sabotage) technology.  ANY WORDS (or even semi-subliminals) can be swapped in to song or video.
(Often combined with in sync subliminal or semi-subliminal screwed up messages to the listener/ viewer.)
2. Remote-controlled machines can be zapped with the correct (often infa-red) remote codes.
3. Computers and other devices can sometimes be partially controlled/ jammed using top-secret electronic zapping,
Electronic warfare disorientation attacks and/or sleep attacks. Biowarfare research labs.  (Fort Dietrich, etc.)  Also labs studying highly infectious disease.
Whose at Risk Everyone With a Computer Connected to a Network and/or the Internet.
Employees at Work.
Employees at Work.
"anybody with Money, Power, Influence, or access to Sensitive, Classified, or Personal Information..."
Very Influential (or powerful or rich) people receive more communication. People living in crowded urban poverty.
Targeted individuals.
TV viewers.
Information processors.
People with power, influence, and/or money.

Employees at Work using an employer's computer.
Kids with controlling parents.
Anyone connected to the Internet without quality firewall and anti-virus programs.
People who threaten police armed with stun guns. An est.1 billion people without clean drinking water.
Disease, spoiled food: Everyone's at Risk.
Poison: infants are at risk.
Self-Defense 1. Computer access password
2. Hardware Firewalls
3. Software Firewalls
4. Anti-Virus software
5. Anti-Spyware software
6. Log off from the Internet when you're you not using it.
7. Hard Drive and Data Backups
8.WiFi (wireless networks) passwords
9. Also anti-spam software.
Unlisted phone number (and/or street address).
P.O. Box.
1. Detailed counter-surveillance ideas.
2. Read real-world bugging frequencies.
If bugs concern you, consider buying a bug detector and/or a frequency scanner in order to maybe find any hidden bugs. 
(Full scale spectrum analyzers are probably way too expensive for you.)
(A cheap basic bug detector might cost approx. $50 at ebay or $100 or more new and hopefully extend up to 6 GHz.  Excellent RF detectors cost more.)
3. Top secret locations might use expensive TEMPEST computers and/or EMF shielded rooms.
Anti-spam software.

Soundproofing rooms for privacy.  (Add more insulation between rooms.)
Nice private home.
Nice neighborhood.

Microwave detectors/Bug detectors/RF detectors might be able to document what is probably microwave pulsebeaming.
(Also, standard straight-line antennas have the strongest signal when they point directly at the EMF wave/beam source.)
Carefully choose quality TV.

Also at-risk people should be aware of capability of top-secret mind-control technology in case they are ever hit with it.
Computer security: a quality firewall and anti-virus scanner, etc.

Technology design suggestion: redesign wireless remotes so that they can be wireless or wired with an optional cable attachment.
Banning/regulating stun guns.
(On the other hand, stun guns might be used for non-lethal self-defense.)
Only drink good drinking water.
Basic food safety and personal hygiene.
Refrigerating food, freezing meat.
Also water purification plants for society.


The Electromagnetic Spectrum

     In order to understand electronic/electromagnetic warfare, you need to understand the playing field-- the electromagnetic spectrum.  There is a lot more going on than meets the eye or the ear, or even the radio and TV.

     Here is an extremely quick introduction to the electromagnetic spectrum.  Here is a more detailed official introduction provided by the experts at NASA.

Source: http://www.lbl.gov/MicroWorlds/ALSTool/EMSpec/EMSpec2.html.
γ = Gamma rays
HX = Hard X-rays
SX = Soft X-Rays
EUV = Extreme ultraviolet
NUV = Near ultraviolet
Visible light
NIR = Near infrared
MIR = Moderate infrared
FIR = Far infrared

Radio waves:
EHF = Extremely high frequency (Microwaves)
SHF = Super high frequency (Microwaves)
UHF = Ultrahigh frequency
VHF = Very high frequency
HF = High frequency
MF = Medium frequency
LF = Low frequency
VLF = Very low frequency
VF = Voice frequency
ELF = Extremely low frequency
Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electromagnetic_spectrum

Size of electromagnetic waves (also called electromagnetic (EM) radiation).

Source: NASA: http://imagers.gsfc.nasa.gov/ems/waves3.html.

You can get a free download of a full-size 24" x 36" poster of "The Electromagnetic Radiation Spectrum" from unihedron.com.  You can also buy a printed 24"x 36" full color poster of "The Electromagnetic Radiation Spectrum" from unihedron.com for $10 plus shipping and handling.

Source: http://www.unihedron.com/projects/spectrum
Free pdf format poster download at http://unihedron.com/projects/spectrum/downloads/spectrum_20041024.pdf.

Radio Frequencies

Source: http://www.sss-mag.com/spectrum.html

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radio#Radio_waves

     Here is a very basic radio frequency chart. with plenty of links and explanations.

     Here is the very detailed U.S. Radio Frequency Spectrum Full Color Chart in pdf format.  3KHz-300GHz.  From the NTIA (National Telecommunications and Information Administration).

     Here is what some experts claim are the real-world bugging frequencies.
  These experts claim that "The area between 3 GHz and 40 GHz is a serious threat as the eavesdropping equipment in that range is inexpensive, readily available, very low power, and highly directional."

History of Electronic/Electromagnetic Warfare and Mind Control Technology

- Rough Draft.  Still under construction and revision -

Electronic Communication History
     Here is the history of radio at a glance.  The key point about electronic communication technology history is that the electronic communication technology revolution is new and still underway.  Primitive wired communication began in the 1800s.  Bell invented the telephone in 1876.  Wireless communication technology started around 1894, and first radio technology (sound only) and then TV technology (sound and picture) were developed and used in the 1900s.
     The Internet was invented around 1969, and the personal computer market was born in 1976.  Routine use of the Internet to communicate and share knowledge did not begin until the 1990's.  Wireless cell phone and/or palm or notebook PC communication is still being developed and the infrastructure is still being built today.

Electronic/Electromagnetic Warfare and Mind Control Technology History
     Along with welcome advances in communications technology, there is also a technological revolution underway in a much more sinister field: electronic surveillance, targeted wireless communication and/or attack against targeted individuals (or even groups), and mind control technology.  While the welcome technology allows people to freely pick and choose from a huge selection of electronic information/entertainment options, the sinister technology allows Big Brother (or any wannabe Big Brother) to watch or monitor, harass, attack, and (if they have enough money and technology), try to mind influence or mind control other people.
     Here is a very quick summary of mind control technology history.  In 1947, at the beginning of the Cold War, the US CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) was established.  In order to fight the Cold War and counter Soviet, Chinese, and North Korean mind control work, the CIA established MKULTRA, a top-secret black budget program designed to develop mind-control technology.  Unfortunately, very inhumane testing on thousands of unwitting U.S. citizens created the conditions for a major scandal, and then CIA director Richard Helms ordered the destruction of any CIA MKULTRA records in 1973.  CIA mind control work began with hypnosis and mind control drugs and even limited surgery (electronic implants).  The drug LSD was introduced to America through extensive CIA mind-control research.
     Later, research into the use of wireless electronic warfare (using different types of electromagnetic waves) led to the ability to use strange non-lethal electromagnetic warfare to harm people.  For example, the Soviet Union beamed the U.S. embassy from 1960-1965 and Greenham Common peace protesters were attacked with electromagnetic warfare in 1985.  Different electromagnetic waves at different strengths and ranges beamed at a targeted individual or group may cause damage ranging from temporary illness to death.  This dangerous technology keeps improving and the cumulative long term health damage caused by repeated electronic zapping is unknown.  It is a growing health hazard.
     One article argues that mind-control technology might be being used by Islamic terrorists to motivate suicide bombing attacks, probably including the 9/11/2001 Islamic terrorist suicide attack against America.  (He also argues that they might use mind-control techniques first learned in the CIA's mind-control program codenamed ARTICHOKE.  He also refers to the alleged mind-control and terrorist techniques of the Persian Hasan bin Sabah and the Assassini long ago from 1094-1250.)
     Now, a continuing electronic communications and computing revolution has provided the technology to enable mind control research to develop and use various electronic/electromagnetic/beam weapons to send messages to a targeted individual's brain, actually read a targeted individual's thoughts, and modify the targeted brain's brainwave patterns to cause the brain to feel different emotions, and even cause the targeted brain to manipulate muscles in the targeted body and/or feel pain in different parts of the targeted body.  (I believe I was first briefly overtly electronically attacked in 1992, briefly overtly electronically attacked again in 2003, and extensively overtly electronically attacked in 2005, and I can attest to both the accuracy of this paragraph and the improving technology and audacity of my attackers, who I believe were the FBI in 1992 and 2003, and specifically the FBI SID in 2005.)

US Political Repression History
Source: http://zmagsite.zmag.org/Mar2006/dunn0306.html
     Advanced electronic warfare often occurs in a political context.  The extensive history of U.S. political repression in America is carefully documented in a March 2006 ZMagazine article, The Other Domestic Spying: Numerous Domestic Surveillance Programs are Underway Besides the NSA.  You might want to quickly scan this article to gain a basic understanding of the history of political repression in America, and maybe read it in detail later at your convenience.

Non-Lethal Weapons History
Source: http://www.wanttoknow.info/mindcontrol10pg

Non-lethal weapons is a broad category which includes devices for beaming various kinds of energy at human targets in order to temporarily incapacitate them, or to control or affect their behavior. Non-lethal weapons research has been conducted at universities on contract to the CIA, and has overlapped with research on hallucinogens and brain electrode implants. BB 103

In 1991, Janet Morris, one of the main proponents of non-lethal weapons, issued a number of papers. [71] According one paper, US Special Operations Command already had a portable microwave weapon. “US Special Forces can cook internal organs.” [72] Another concept was ‘Infrasound’ using acoustic beams. Laboratories were developing a high power, very low frequency acoustic beam weapon projecting non-penetrating acoustic bullets. Already, some governments have used infrasound as a means of crowd control.  Very low frequency (VLF) sound, or low frequency RF modulations can cause nausea, vomiting and abdominal pains. “Some very low frequency sound generators can cause the disruption of human organs and, at high power levels, can crumble masonry.” [73] MC 176-179

Funding of these experiments began in MKULTRA. Subproject 62 documents “certain kinds of radio frequency energy have been found to effect reversible neurological changes in chimpanzees.” [74] Subproject 54 was studying how to produce concussions from a distance using mechanical blast waves propagated through the air. Such a concussion “is always followed by amnesia for the actual moment of the accident.” It also states: “The blast duration would be in the order of a tenth of a second. Masking of a noise of this duration should not be difficult. It would be advantageous to establish the effectiveness of both of the above methods as a tool in brain-wash therapy.” BB 103-105

A confidential report prepared by the US Army as early as 1969 detailed the effect an infra-sonic system would have on humans. These effects range from disruption of nervous systems to death. [75] MC 199, 200

That such weapons have been used can be in little doubt. When the deployment of Cruise missiles at American bases in the UK was at its height, women peace campaigners staged a series of highly publicized peaceful protests outside the perimeter wires. In late 1985, the women in the peace camps at Greenham Common began to experience unusual patterns of illness, ranging from severe headaches, drowsiness, menstrual bleeding at abnormal times or after the onset of menopause, to bouts of temporary paralysis and faulty speech coordination. Electronics Today [76] magazine carried out a number of measurements, and in December 1985 published their report which concluded: “Readings taken with a wide range of signal strength meters showed marked increases in the background signal level near one of the women’s camps at a time when they claimed to be experiencing ill effects.” They noted that if the women created noise or a disturbance near the fence, the signals rose sharply. MC 201

The evidence in hand suggests that the technology to produce ‘voices in the head’ does exist. The Department of Defense has already acquired the technology to alter consciousness through various projects and programs. A patent discusses methods and system for altering consciousness. The abstract from once such program states: “Researchers have devised a variety of systems for stimulating the brain to exhibit specific brain wave rhythms and thereby alter the state of consciousness of the individual subject.” [77] Silent subliminal messages [were] “used throughout Operation Desert Storm (Iraq) quite successfully.” [78] MC 203, 204

A US State Department report suggested it was possible to induce a heart attack in a person from a distance with radar. [79] MC 172

By 1974, Stanford Research Institute had developed a computer system capable of reading a person’s mind by correlating the brain waves of subjects on an electroencephalograph with specific commands. [80] The concept of mind-reading computers is no longer science fiction. Neither is their use by Big Brotherly governments. Major Edward Dames of Psi-Tech said in April 1995 on NBC’s The Other Side program: “The US government has an electronic device which could implant thoughts in people.” Dames would not comment any further. MC 172

The latest development in the technology of induced fear and mind control is the cloning of the human EEG or brain waves of any targeted victim, or indeed groups. With the use of powerful computers, segments of human emotions which include anger, anxiety, sadness, fear, embarrassment, jealousy, resentment, shame, and terror, have been identified and isolated within the EEG signals as ‘emotion signature clusters.’ Their relevant frequencies and amplitudes have been measured. Then the very frequency/amplitude cluster is synthesized and stored on another computer. Each one of these negative emotions is separately tagged. They are then placed on the Silent Sound carrier frequencies and could silently trigger the occurrence of the same basic emotion in another human being. MC 205

The entire non-lethal weapon concept is literally a Pandora’s Box of unknown consequences. MC 179  For more, click here and here.

     Here is a brief history of MKULTRA, the CIA's initial major research project on developing mind-control technology.  Here is a more detailed version.

     Timeline of important dates in the history of electromagnetic technology and mind control:1942-1996, by Cheryl Welch of Mind Justice.
     Timeline: Electromagnetic weapons: 1934-1993, by Judy Wall, editor.  (Interesting but unconfirmed information.)  [Google cached version and Raven1.net's posting.]

Advanced Electronic/Electromagnetic Warfare

- Rough Draft.  Still under construction and revision -

Basic Electronic/Electromagnetic Warfare
     Basic electronic/electromagnetic warfare usually means 1) bugging and 2) scanning for and removing bugs.  While most bugging is illegal, bugging is relatively cheap and some people plant bugs illegally.  An estimated 200,000 bugs have been planted in the U. S. and Western Europe.
     Removing bugs can be difficult.  Why?  Because bugs can transmit information almost anywhere along the electromagnetic spectrum.  While most cheap bugs probably operate along the lower frequencies of the radio electromagnetic spectrum  (under 3 GHz or under 6 GHz), some probably more expensive bugging devices have trickier and less detectable methods of transmitting their data.
     If someone suspects they are being bugged, they can buy a spy bug detector or sweeper to locate and remove any bugs.  (If they can afford it, they could also hire a professional spy bug sweeper.)  Spy bug detectors or sweepers look for RF (radio frequency) transmissions.  Some work a little like geiger counters and click faster the stronger the RF signal becomes.  While bug detectors only cover part of the radio frequency spectrum, you can get one that detects radio frequency transmissions that are 5.8 or 6 GHz or less in frequency instead of 3 GHz or less in frequency.  Before buying a bug detector, read real-world bugging frequencies.  (You might also want to read Bug Scanning 101.)  Here is more fascinating info on "real world bugging frequencies".  (A copy of that list is also posted.)
     Amateurs might also plant a wireless speaker, but I guess this would only occur very rarely.
     Basic electronic/electromagnetic warfare also includes hacking, spyware, and attempting to monitor, steal info from, and/or slow down and/or control another person's computer.
     A GPS tracking device might also be planted.

Intermediate Electronic/Electromagnetic Warfare
     Intermediate electronic warfare could be done by anyone with a lot of money but probably isn't.  Sound-beam technology is commercially available, and could be used by anyone with money to harass anyone else within the range of the range of their sound-beam machines.  This, for example, is the technology the NYPD bragged about when they prepared to cope with large-scale political protest outside of the 2004 Republican convention in New York City.  (This was reported by ABC News.)

Advanced Electronic/Electromagnetic Warfare
     Advanced electronic/electromagnetic warfare is different from and much more ambitious than basic electronic/electromagnetic warfare.  While basic electromagnetic warfare is limited to cheap tactics and commercially available technology, specifically bugging, hacking, and spyware, advanced electromagnetic warfare is much more ambitious and expensive and can include everything.
     At this point in time, I believe only governments (and their "independent contractors") are capable of conducting advanced electronic warfare, because they have access to the top-secret technology of advanced electronic/electromagnetic weapons that make advanced electronic warfare possible.  In the US, I believe this technology was probably developed by the CIA and is probably used by both the CIA and the FBI SID.  Also, some secret police type individuals may have obtained access to or simply "acquired" some of these top-secret electronic weapons.
     My tormentors have identified themselves as "FBI SID" or FBI Special Investigation Division.  So I presume the FBI has access to this technology.  And if the FBI has it, I presume the CIA also has it.  Who else has it?  Good question.  Who else wants it?  Probably most secret police forces around the world.
      Warning: advanced covert electromagnetic warfare can probably intentionally cause serious illness or even death.  I believe the FBI is legally prohibited from killing people using electronic warfare, but their electronic warriors can and do routinely (and probably illegally) threaten to kill.  The CIA and many secret police forces in the world probably have no inhibitions about using this technology to injure or kill their selected targets.  One advantage to killers using this technology is a mysterious death of their target that would probably be ruled a natural death by a coroner and/or the local police, while an assassin's bullet is impossible to deny.  For example, if I am killed anytime soon, you can assume, but probably not prove, that it was from one lethal electronic warfare attack (probably from the FBI SID) after more than 4 months of non-lethal electronic attacks.
     The U.S. military and other militaries are probably researching, developing, and deploying both lethal and non-lethal electronic warfare.  They often have no need for covert operations, and can openly use electronic warfare to repel, stun, injure, and/or kill people.

     If you are targeted by the FBI, the CIA, or someone else who has this technology, then you could be in a lot of trouble.  (For example, someone who identifies himself as Jay Pendelton, FBI SID (Special Investigation Division), badge 604, harasses, attacks, tortures, and threatens to kill me with impunity.  He has openly done so for 4 months so far.  He survives his evil job using lots of prozac, sleep deprivation, and caffeine, and a $50/hour reward for evil behavior.)
     Advanced electronic warfare is expensive.  I estimate that it costs the FBI $300k-$500k or even up to $1 million a year to persecute, intimidate, threaten, and torture me using electronic warfare.  (This include 3 electronic warfare hit squad team members at $25, $25, and $50 an hour working a ton of overtime, 4 or more local FBI-owned (or so they claim) houses stocked with electronic warfare equipment, and a "ground crew" to electronically beam any place I go to (including protests) and to conduct live in-person harrasment.  The cost adds up.)  For governments that are not running up massive deficits on borrowed money, they might be a little more economical about their spending or even skip this wasteful spending completely.

     Advanced electronic/electromagnetic warfare is amazing.  Today I will only lightly cover this topic and I hope to cover it in much greater detail later.
     Here is what is possible:
     The use of standard wireless bugs.
     The use of spy versions of wireless speakers.  (Commercial wireless speakers cost $100-$200.)    These can be planted in critical appliances, like computers.
     The use of GPS tracking devices.
     The use of sound beam technology, presumably much more powerful then what is commercially available, to electronically and ethereally attack people using limited or constant sound communication.
     Here is what I initially figured out in the first 6 weeks that I was under noticeable electronic warfare attack in 2005.  After 4 months, here is my most amazing discovery:  Limited mind reading capability of targeted minds is TRUE.  Second most amazing discovery: Remote electronic bodymind manipulation of targeted bodyminds (probably by electronically overwhelming and manipulating certain brain waves) IS POSSIBLE.  Bodymind effects can include mood manipulation (from happiness or ecstasy to stress, sadness, and/or fear to instant drowsiness), to jerking or shaking body parts, to pain jolts (or tingles or numbness), to sharp or dull pains,  to massage, to electronically simulated illness (including choking, needing to piss, toothache, heart attack, arthritis, appendicitis, and stroke) and even electronically simulated rape using degrading electronically simulated oral and/or anal sex.  Communication includes subliminal messages (you can hear them if you fold your earlobes over your ears with your hands, subliminal messages in music, modified TV and/or stereo sound, and influencing dreams through subliminal and/or audible communication with you while you are asleep.  (Here is some additional documentation to back up my 2 amazing discoveries.)
     Here is what raven1.net figured out after years of harassment.

     There already is a network of anti electronic harassment websites that list many unproven amazing or outlandish claims of hi-tech electronic harassment. Some of these claims are probably true and some are probably false.  I will try to delve in this topic in more detail later.

Surviving Advanced Electronic/Electromagnetic Warfare

- Rough Draft.  Still under construction and revision -


     Advanced electronic warfare is extremely draining on both the victim and the victimizers.  24-7 electronic conflict involving advanced electronic warfare technology makes life very unpleasant for the suffering victim and the evil greedhead victimizers, who, at least in the US FBI SID, endure a span of living misery in exchange for a high salary.
     I believe the easiest way to survive a non-lethal electronic warfare attack is to use serotonin boosters, either prescription prozac or lower-strength non-prescription 5-HTP from Vitacost.com  Serotonin levels provide your self-confidence, mental strength, happiness, and willpower.  If your serotonin level drops to very low levels, you can become depressed, fearful, start to go crazy, or even begin to consider suicide.  Keeping your serotonin level up, or restoring it if a conflict or crisis has drained you of serotonin, can save your sanity and/or life.  Boosting your serotonin levels can also make you happier, and I sometimes refer to my 5-HTP pills as "happy pills".
     WARNING: If you use serotonin boosters, please ask yourself "Why?".  The same pill that can enable a victim to survive can also enable a victimizer to keep doing very inhumane activities and have a "vial" personality.  If you rely on serotonin boosters to survive, please ask yourself if you are harming other people and seriously considering doing all you can do to change your life for the better and escape the oppressive conditions that make you miserable in the first place.
     2nd WARNING: Taking too many serotonin boosters can cause you to become unrealistically self-confident and optimistic.  Being upbeat is great, but please stay realistic and grounded and not irrationally overoptimistic about your life and your prospects.
     3rd WARNING: If you start routinely using serotonin boosters in a stressful situation, you will be probably become dependent on them or addicted to them.  Never run out of your supply of serotonin boosters.

     Also, the
Mind Control Information Center provides information for mind control program or electronic warfare survivors.

Footnotes from the Non-Lethal Weapons History excerpt

[71] The USGSC (US Global Strategy Council) has issued a wide variety of papers on the nonlethal weapons concept. For example: “In Search of Nonlethal Strategy,” Janet Morris; “Nonlethality: A Global Strategy – White paper”; “Nonlethality Briefing Supplement No. 1”; and “Nonlethality in Operational Continuum.” For more on this from a US army website: http://www.tradoc.army.mil/tpubs/pams/p525-73.doc.

[72] Wall Street Journal, Jan. 4, 1993.

[73] Morris, Janet. In Search of a Non-lethal Strategy. USGSC (US Global Strategy Council), p. 14.

[74] Baldwin, M., Bach, S.A., & Lewis, S.Z.  Effects of radio-frequency energy on primate cerebral activity. Neurology, 10, 178-187, 1960. This publication was a result of MKULTRA Subproject 62.

[75] An Infrasonic System, US Army Mobility Equipment Research and Development Center, Fort Bellever, VA, 1969. See section on “Effects-Human.” In a his book, The Future War, John Alexander, one of the supporters, forerunners and founding fathers of the non-lethal weapons concept, tries to legitimize the acquisition and deployment of these destructive weapons.

[76] Electronics Today, Dec. 1985.

[77] Method and System for Altering Consciousness, Patent 5,123,899, US Patent Office, June 23 1992. To view this patent on the website of the US Patent and Trademark Office, click here.

[78] Letter from Edward Tilton to author Dr. Armen Victorian, Dec. 13, 1996.

[79] Microwave US-USSR, Vol VI, July-Dec. 1976 p. 4, Office of Security, US Dept. of State.

[80] Mind Reading Computer. Time, July 1, 1974, p. 67. See also Rorvik, David M. As Man Becomes Machine. London: Sphere Books, 1979. To order this book, click here.