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Personal Empowerment
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DC Area Links
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Washington, DC Local Empowerment Resources

Note:  There are many more local empowerment resources in the DC area than are listed here.  I've only listed a few local empowerment resources.

Personal Empowerment
Cultural Empowerment
Political Empowerment
DC Protests
DC Area Links

Personal Empowerment
Washington Consumers' Checkbook and Checkbook Bargains.  Excellent consumers' info and business ratings for the DC area plus special low price quotes twice a year for many consumer items.  Subscriptions are $30/year.  Call the Center for the Study of Services at 202-347-7283 for more info.
Washington Metro, including bus and rail timetables
InterFaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington
Emergency Food and Shelter Directory Online Edition

Cultural Empowerment
The Smithsonian.  America's premier cultural treasure.

Your local food co-op
Takoma Park
The Center for Visionary Leadership
Local Washington Neighborhood Web Sites.

Political Empowerment
The Washington Peace Letter.  The suggested donation for a 1 year subscription to this monthly local left-wing community newsletter is $25.
Send your donations to:
The Washington Peace Center
1801 Columbia Road NW, Suite 104
Washington, DC 20009
(202) 234-2000
Fax # (202) 234-7064 fax
     They also have 2 useful short left-wing political guides to D.C.:
1) The Washington Peace Center Peace and Justice Action Guide 1999 and
2) The Washington Peace Center Media Guide for Activists.

The Social Action and Leadership School for Activists is a service provided by IPS- The Institute for Policy Studies.

The Foundation Center of Washington DC offers an excellent fundraising library.

Note: This fax list is now defunct but could possibly be restarted at some point.
MetNet's Fax Alert Service reaches approx. 300 DC area activists and media contacts.  You can receive fax alerts from MetNet for free by e-mailing MetNet at or calling MetNet at 202-726-0230 or faxing MetNet at 202-726-0567.  If you want to send a fax alert, 1) fax the documents (at "fine" or "high resolution") to 202-726-2357, 2) Call MetNet at 202-726-0320 to let them know about your fax, and 3) make a sliding-scale donation of $25-50/page.  MetNet can also use volunteer and especially financial assistance (grants would be welcomed) in restarting their monthly DC Green Calendar.

1601 Pennsylvania Ave.  The website of the peace protesters who maintain a 24-hour-a-day anti-nuclear vigil in Lafayette Park (or Peace Park) across from the White House (1600 Pennsylvania Ave.) contains information on the current anti-nuclear movement, protests in Lafayette Park, and encroachment on first amendment rights.
Sustainable Loudoun Network.

Stop the Inter County Connector.
Friends of Mount Aventine.  Opposing Chapman's Landing, a proposed huge 2,250 acre development.
Free WPFW.  Part of the Free Pacifica Radio struggle

Road War Brews For Growth Foes.  Coalition That Battled Disney Targets Proposed Va. Highway.  From  the Washington Post, 5/19/97, page B1.

Note: Many national political groups are based in and/or have offices in Washington DC.

DC Protests
Feminist Expo 2000.  March 31-April 2 in Baltimore.
Mobilization for Global Justice.  Protests in Washington, DC from April 8-17, 2000.  Major protests April 16-17. [4-9-00]
Fast News on the April 8-17 Washington, DC protests is provided by The Progressive Review. [4-15-00]  
Jubilee 2000- National Mobilization for Debt Cancellation.  April 9-10 in Washington, DC. [4-9-00]
Earth Day 2000.  Major rally in Washington DC on April 22.  Earth Day events everywhere. [4-9-00]
Millennium March.  Major gay rights rally on April 30 in Washington, DC. [4-9-00]
Million Mom March.  For sensible gun laws and safe kids.  May 14, 2000, in Washington, DC. [4-15-00]
Animal Rights 2000. National conference on July 1-5 in Washington, DC. [4-9-00]
July 4 Smoke-in.  Local annual protest and celebration in Washington, DC. [4-9-00]
World March of Women 2000.  National rally on Oct. 15, 2000 in Washinton, DC.  Additional marches worldwide [4-9-00]
For monthly lists of protest and political events, subscribe to the Washington Peace Letter.
For more info about national and international protests, see and IGC.

DC Area Links.
The Washington Post.
Erols (Internet Provider)
Yahoo! Washington D.C.
Excite Washington D.C. Metro Area
Lycos Washington D.C.

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