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Books to help you empower yourself to do what you want to do.
Over 500 empowerment books on personal growth, social change, and ecology

 The Best Empowerment Books  details
The Best Empowerment Books
 Personal Empowerment     detailed list

     The Basics     detailed list

     Personal Organization
     Voluntary Simplicity
          & Ecological Living


     Health     detailed list

     Emotional Healing
          & Personal Growth

     Healthy Living
     Healthy Food

     Health-- continued     details

   Alternative Medicine
   Nutritional Supplements
Organic Gardening

     Fun     detailed list

   Inspirational Books
   Friendship, Love, & Kindness
   Joy, Happiness, and Pleasure


     Advanced Topics   detailed list

   Books for Parents
   Children's Books
   Alternative Education
 Cultural Empowerment     detailed list
     Cultural Empowerment
 Political Empowerment     detailed list
     Left-Green Politics  
     Political Organizing
     Radical History
     Political Music, Movies,
and Songbooks
 Ecology Resources     detailed list
     Building an Ecologically
          Sustainable Society
Utopian/Ecotopian Visions
 Empowerment History     detailed list
     Empowerment in the 1980's


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The Best Empowerment Books
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 The Best Empowerment Books
    The Best  Empowerment Books (including the best personal, cultural, and political empowerment books and the best ecology and utopian/ecotopian books).
 Personal Empowerment

     The Basics

     Personal Organization (including getting organized and time management).
     Voluntary Simplicity and Ecological Living (Including voluntary simplicity, ecological living, consumer reports, and ecological homes).
     Working (including job hunting, working, starting a business or co-operative, taxes, investing, and retirement).



     Emotional Healing and Personal Growth (including improving your health, assertiveness training, co-counseling and support groups, humanistic psychology, self-reflection, self-hypnosismind technology, the Ken Keyes living love method, friendship, love, and kindness, the chakra system, and attaining balance and inner peace).
     Healthy Living (including holistic health, exercise, stretching, stress control, and women's health).
     Healthy Food (including Diet for a New America, Diet for a Poisoned Planet, reducing sugar, fat, and salt consumption, vegetarian and vegan cookbooks, live foods and juicing, losing weight, special diets, and cookbooks to promote healing).
     Alternative Medicine (including medical self-care, conventional allopathic medicine, alternative medicine, bodywork (including rolfing), and info on specific diseases).
     Nutritional Supplements (including naturopathic medicine guides, specific naturopathic medical info, books by licensed doctors, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, herbs, smart drugs, and online shopping).
     Organic Gardening (including organic gardening, chemical-free lawn care and gardening catalogs).



     Inspirational Books (including elf-help mini-booklets and Rusty Berkus books).
     Fun (Including music, movies and videos, and comic books).
     Friendship, Love, and Kindness (including the Golden Rule, love and kindness, the Ken Keyes living love method, friendship and interpersonal skills, relationships and romance, and body language).
     Joy, Happiness, and Pleasure (including healthy pleasures, friendship, love, and kindness, massage, lovemaking and birth control, recreational intoxication, aromatherapy, and hot tubs and saunas).


     Advanced Topics

     Books for Parents (including books on pregnancy, infant care, and children).
     Children's Books.
     Spirituality (including the Golden Rule, love and kindness, World Religions, Sacred Texts, Ethics, Morality, and Values, Christianity, Judaism, Humanism, Ecotheology, The Chalice and the Blade, and New Age Spirituality).
     Traveling (including traveling, map books or road atlases, and healthy retreats).
     Alternative Education.

 Cultural Empowerment
     Cultural Empowerment (including cultural empowerment, intentional communities, conflict resolution skills, and worker cooperatives).
 Political Empowerment
     Left-Green Politics (including new left politics, the media, peace, feminism, green politics, and more).
     Political Organizing (including organizing, the power structure, more organizing books, union organizing, finding social change employment, and fundraising).
     Radical History (including progress, exploitation and repression, liberation struggles (including workers', women's, anti-fascist, African-American, Hispanic, third world, 60's, and ecology struggles), and ecofeminist history).
     Political Music, Movies, and Songbooks (including political music, political movies, and political songbooks).

 Ecology Resources
     Building an Ecologically Sustainable Society.
     Utopian/Ecotopian Visions (Including utopias/ecotopias, eco-fiction, and anti-utopias).

 Empowerment History
     Empowerment in the 1980's.


     Main Bookstore Sections-- over 101 book sections
     Large Book Display-- 117 books-- large download
     Small Book Display-- 117 books-- large download
The Best Empowerment Books
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