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     These books provide an excellent overview of empowerment in the 1980's.

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      Out of print.
The Next Whole Earth Catalog
, edited by Stewart Brand.  Published in 1980.  (The Whole Earth Catalog is still going strong, and its latest edition, published in 1994,  is
The Millennium Whole Earth Catalog: Access to Tools and Ideas for the Twenty-First Century, edited by Howard Rheingold.  Here's their website.) 

     Out of print.
The Little Green Book: A Guide to Self-Reliant Living in the 80's, by John Lobell, published in 1981 by Shambhala, is an excellent book.  (Another version of this book is titled The Little Green Book: An Owner's Manual to the Planet.)

      Out of print.
Medical Self-Care: Access to Health Tools
.  Published back in 1980 by Tom Ferguson.  Now out of print.  Doc Tom has migrated to the web at Health World's Self-Care Central.  

      Out of print.
The Whole Again Resource Guide, 1986/87, edited by Tim Ryan, with Rae Jappinen.  There is also a current online version of the Whole Again Resource Guide.

      Out of print.
Vagabonding in the U.S.A.: A Guide for Independent Travelers and Foreign Visitors, by Ed Buryn.  Published in 1980 and 1983.  This fun, zestful countercultural book emphasizes low-cost, high-experience vagabonding instead of  high-priced, pre-packaged tourism.  It has a good but now out-of-date resource directory.

      Out of print.
A Guide to Cooperative Alternatives: Community Participation, Social Change, Well-Being, Appropriate Technology, Networking, and almost anything else hopeful in America,  edited by Communities, Journal of Cooperative Living (Paul Freundlich, Chris Collins, and Mikki Wenig).  Published in 1979.  Includes a directory of intentional communities.  This resource manual was a precursor to the Communities Directory (also online) and Co-op America.

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